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Why stackoverflow

Why stackoverflow

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One of the biggest benefits of having a growing community is the opportunity to share knowledge with each other. We write articles on how we tackle complex challenges, share plugins via GitHub and the Shopware Community Store, and help each other out on the Shopware Community Slack.
This collective ability to answer questions not only makes our work as developers easier but more fun as well. The challenge with Slack, however, is that information is lost over time.
An answer given today is buried under dozens of messages tomorrow.

Luckily there are places online where this knowledge persists. One that will undoubtedly have come across is Stackoverflow.com. Since 2008 this website has been the place to post your questions regarding HTML, CSS, PHP, and many more languages, and specific frameworks and platforms. And through indexing by Google and other popular search engines, questions are easily found by those looking for answers.

A tremendous benefit of such a shared platform for Shopware developers is the sheer number of members active on it. While only a smaller subset of these members might have actual Shopware experience, many more do have knowledge about underlying technologies such as Symfony, VueJS, and composer for example.
For this reason, we encourage anyone with a question to post this on Stackoverflow moving forward, instead of Slack, using the tag shopware.
The core team will be actively monitoring these questions, to provide answers.

Stack Overflow etiquette

Stackoverflow.com is an amazing place to extend our community, as well as making question-solving fun.

When you post a question make sure to include as much information as possible to make an issue reproducible. Include screenshots and errors encountered. Make sure to use appropriate tags based on the type of error. This can be PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, VueJS, and so on. Always make sure to tag it with shopware so our community can find it.
All tagged questions are automatically posted in the Slack group #stackoverflow-questions as well, to give them extra exposure.

Found an answer to your question via StackOverflow? Make sure to give it an upvote. This gives points to the person posting the answers. 

Do you know the answer to a question? Make sure to post it and gain internet fame through awarded points! Always make sure to be friendly and open to people, and use the comment section of questions to ask for more information when needed.



User Dwza shows how it's done. A friendly and detailed answer with great information.


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