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Your marketing guide for a successful 2017

Your marketing guide for a successful 2017

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Shopware wishes you a happy and prosperous eCommerce year 2017! And to kick off your most successful year in online trade, it’s important you prepare for the sales opportunities offered by the upcoming 12 months. You can refer to our eCommerce Marketing Calendar throughout the year for inspiration on what holidays and shopping themes to highlight in your online shop.



Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:

  • Losing weight
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Booking summer holidays

Even though the dead of winter has yet to arrive, many retailers will start reducing their prices at the beginning of the new year to create space for their new product range. Our Shopware Premium Plugins offer the best possible support for pushing last season’s inventory. With Live Shopping alone, you can offer reduced prices for a specific period of time or until a certain quota is reached. You can also increase the demand due to limited scarcity. Get ready for bargain hunters with Shopware’s Premium Plugins!

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  • 2nd February – Groundhog Day
  • 14th February – Valentine’s Day
  • 20th February – Presidents’ Day
  • 28th February – Mardi Gras

__Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:__ 

  • Warmer weather approaching
  • Spring cleaning
  • Spring break


  • 16th March – Easter Sunday
  • 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day
  • 20th March – Spring Equinox
  • 26th March – Mother’s Day (UK)

__Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:__ 

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day (UK) and Father’s Day
  • Garden décor / furniture
  • Motorcycle / convertible
  • Outdoor sportswear / equipment

Easter is just around the corner! Whether you’d like to inspire your customers with great gift ideas, wish them a happy Easter holiday or – in best case – both, with the Premium Plugin, Advanced Promotion Suite, you can plan a variety of promotions, all of which can be created with just a few clicks. Get tips now on how to effectively present your spring/summer product assortment or push your Winter products to make “out with the old and in with the new”.

Tips for Easter promotions



  • 10th – 18th April – Passover
  • 14th – 17th April – Easter weekend
  • 22nd April – Earth Day

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends: 

  • Weddings
  • High school graduation
  • Bicycles
  • Garden décor / furniture
  • Grills and accessories
  • Camping equipment


  • 4th May – National Remembrance Day (Dodenherdenking – the Netherlands)
  • 5th May – Cinco de Mayo
  • 14th May – Mother’s Day (USA / the Netherlands / Italy)
  • 27th May – Start of Ramadan
  • 29th May – Memorial Day (USA) / Spring Bank Holiday (UK)

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:

  • Summer holiday
  • Summer fashion

The first warm rays of springtime give you a taste of the summer season to come. Wardrobes have been cleaned out to make room for new shorts, shirts, sunglasses, etc. Now it’s important that you meet the individual tastes of your customers with exciting product recommendations. With Shopping Advisor, your customers can look forward to returning to your shop for perfect product recommendations, while you benefit from higher customer satisfaction and greater chances to increase turnover.

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  • 14th June – End of Ramadan
  • 18th June – Father’s Day (UK / USA / the Netherlands)
  • 21st June – Summer Solstice

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:

  • Summer holidays
  • End-of-summer sale

Every online shop understands the frustration of abandoned carts. A customer is ready to purchase a basket of exciting products, until – at the very last minute – they change their mind and leave your shop all together. Fortunately, you have still have another lifeline to convince them to make the purchase: retargeting with personalized ads to increase conversion.

Get personal: 5 quick wins for your online shop

Generate up to 20x ROAS from social advertising


  • 4th July – Independence Day (USA)

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends: 

  • Start of a new school year


  • 4th – 13th August – IAFF World Championships London
  • 28th August – Summer Bank Holiday (UK)

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:

  • Autumn
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween


  • 22nd September – Autumn Equinox
  • 30th September – Yom Kippur

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:

  • Holidays season
  • Winter fashion
  • Preparing your house and garden for winter
  • Beginn der Heizperiode 
  • First frost

The holiday season is one of the most lucrative opportunities of the year for your online shop. Just like stationary retail stores have already prepared with window displays and shelves for the coming influx of eager holiday-shoppers, you too should begin outfitting your shop for the holidays. We’ve summarized helpful points for the holidays here:

Your perfect holiday helpers

How to prepare for the holidays like the pros


  • 2nd – 4th October – Rosh Hashanah
  • 19th October – Diwali
  • 31st October – Halloween

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends: 

  • Friday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday
  • Winter holiday & winter clothing
  • Flu season

The Friday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, two of the most important eCommerce events of the year, are just around the corner. Take advantage of the enormous opportunity these two days present in terms of your turnover and start preparing your online shop now.


  • 1st November – All Saints Day
  • 23rd November – Thanksgiving
  • 24th November – Friday after Thanksgiving
  • 27th November – Cyber Monday

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends:

  • Advents calendar
  • Christmas gifts (next to classic, traditional gifts such as jewelry, vouchers and electronics, personalized gifts are becoming increasingly more popular)
  • Holiday decorations

Millions of people around the world are once again on the hunt for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Now is the time to start presenting holiday offers. Animate your special offers with Advanced Promotion Suite or entice potential customers with personalized products with Custom Products.


  • 21st December – Winter Solstice
  • 24th December – Christmas Eve
  • 25th December – Christmas Day
  • 26th December – Boxing Day (UK / Canada)
  • 31th December – New Year’s Eve

Prepare your shop for these upcoming shopping trends: 

  • End-of-winter sale
  • Losing weight
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Last-minute Christmas gifts


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