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Kiwee sp. z o.o. sp. k.

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Kiwee is an eCommerce software agency with almost ten years of experience in supporting businesses. Our primary focus is building end-to-end eCommerce solutions, helping our clients in their growth, and foster the partnership.

We work at every stage of a project:

  • Product Design session - to collect all business model knowledge and plan major features.

  • Scoping Session - to prepare a project scope and project estimations.

  • UX Design - beautiful user friendly designs.

  • Development and implementation.

  • Project maintenance and advisory.

 Our expertise is:

  • Building tailor-made online stores on Shopware 6 and Shopware 5.

  • Optimizing online stores for selling B2B or B2C.

  • UX and graphics design.

  • Packaging design.

  • Building custom Progressive Web App Storefronts in Vue.js or React.

  • Integrating with third-party systems, such as ERP, PIM, CRM.

  • Performance optimisations.  

  • DevOps - deployment to the cloud, building Kubernetes clusters.

We have a deep experience working with very specific vertical markets like pet food, veterinary services, online tickets, fashion or collectibles. We combine our passion for sustainability and science to create solutions for the changemakers!

Shopware 6 ready
This partner is certified by our Academy for Shopware 6.

Shopware Business Partner
Contact details

Anna Sawicka
Mianowskiego 23
51-605 Wroclaw

Fon: +48885782640


Focus areas
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Interface development
  • Third party integration

  • Certifications



    Number of valid certifications that employees of the company have earned.

  • Shopware 6
  • Shopware 6 Certified Developer

    A Certified Developer has basic knowledge of the technology behind Shopware and its application in projects.

    Certified Shopware 6 Developer

    1 certified employee

  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

    A Certified Template Designer can create themes for your Shopware shop.

    Certified Shopware 6 Designer

    1 certified employee