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Consulting, design, implementation & hosting

What are the objectives that you have set yourself for your online shop? What role does Shopware play here? And how do you know if your e-commerce strategy has worked?

Let's begin at the end: conversion, sales, coverage

You've achieved what you intended: The conversion rate has improved, returns have been minimised, your sales have increased and you have expanded your coverage.

These are all clear signs that you have effectively promoted your brand and presented your products profitably. You are leading your shoppers – whether B2B or B2C – through your product range on a clearly structured path, resulting in a well-filled shopping cart. Finally the sale is concluded and the customer becomes a long-term repeat shopper.

But to what degree do you think you have achieved "effective", "profitable" and "long term"? How have you convinced your customers to stay on the ball?

To answer this we must go back to the beginning: target vision, strategy, technical basis

By choosing Shopware you are already using modular web software that delivers solutions for shops of all sizes. Shopware has focused on the specific needs of its customers for over 15 years and the solution is growing hand-in-hand with users' online shopping requirements. You are, therefore, excellently equipped from a technical perspective.

In the next step the questions need to be laid on the table. The answers will guide you through the full period of implementation: What is your target vision? Which of Shopware's functions will help you achieve this vision? What does your target group need? Are you relying on storytelling, shopping worlds, social media commerce? How is your shop integrated into your CI? What challenges await you behind the scenes (integration with your merchandise information system, partial cancellation procedure, hosting)? Are your editors trained to use Shopware?

This is where we come into play: consulting, design, implementation

We have been an active Shopware partner since 2013. Our clients are SMEs and large corporations from a diverse range of sectors. Following many years of experience as a Shopware agent we have come to the conclusion that, "all shops are the same, but there's never one that's quite like another!"

Every shop needs a number of basics: product overview, product details page, shopping cart, checkout, delivery options, user accounts, cross-selling, upselling... to mention just a few.

Now it gets more specific: Are you using PIM, ERP, MIS, DAM, middleware or tracking? In any event, how YOUR shop will look in the end depends on you, your target group and your vision. How do you want to draw attention to your products and brand? How do your customers' habits shape the much-cited customer journey? Which functions help your employees deal with procedures behind the scenes?

On the way to building your fully customised shop you will have to take innumerable decisions. Taking one decision often leads to another challenge right behind it. Our task is to advise you on all of these decisions, to make our specialist knowledge available to you and to move all of the stumbling blocks out of your way.

Usability, UX and UI

In addition to smooth performance, the decisive factor that causes your customers to successfully conclude the checkout process is naturally the intuitive usability of the shop. To ensure that your website is completely user-friendly, we analyse click paths and user entry paths in order to create wireframes and user flows. On this basis, and in close cooperation with you, we coordinate the final look & feel of the website and the way it reacts overall. Responsiveness is obviously a key aim too!


Our Shopware-certified team undertakes the technical implementation. We will program the shop according to your needs, endeavour to always achieve the most efficient solution and remain constantly up-to-date in terms of system updates and new functions. Irrespective of the shop size, our team makes every effort to ensure ease-of-use of the back-end for your editors, as well as good usability on all end user devices.  


Last but not least, we offer a dynamic hosting service to protect your site against intrusions, ensure high performance and allow flexible reaction to account for particularly high turnover months, such as the Christmas business. Depending on the requirements of your shop you can also book clustering, load balancing, failover technology and other special solutions. One further very important point: With us, you always have an administrator who is familiar with your project to act as a direct contact.  

Now we've reached the end we've come full-circle back to the beginning. Do you remember? Improved conversion rate, expanded coverage, fewer returns and increased sales!

Shopware 6 ready
This partner is certified by our Academy for Shopware 6.

Shopware Enterprise Partner
Contact details

Laura Baecker
Stephanienstraße 36
40211 Düsseldorf

Fon: +49 211 6355641-7
Fax: +49 211 63556417-9


Christoph Burchartz
Stephanienstrasse 36
40211 Duesseldorf

Fon: 021174959712


Focus areas
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Consulting (eCommerce strategy)
  • Interface development
  • App development
  • Third party integration
  • Multichannel / Omnichannel
  • Design
  • Shop migrations
  • Technical Support

  • Certifications



    Number of valid certifications that employees of the company have earned.

  • Shopware 6
  • Shopware 6 Certified Developer

    A Certified Developer has basic knowledge of the technology behind Shopware and its application in projects.

    Certified Shopware 6 Developer

    4 certified employees

  • Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Developer

    An Advanced Developer has even more Shopware skills than the Developer.

    Certified Shopware 6 Advanced Developer

    4 certified employees

  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

    A Certified Template Designer can create themes for your Shopware shop.

    Certified Shopware 6 Designer

    6 certified employees

  • Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer

    An Advanced Template Designer has even more Shopware skills than the Template Designer.

    Certified Shopware 6 Advanced Designer

    5 certified employees

  • Shopware 5
  • Shopware 5 Certified Developer

    A Certified Developer has basic knowledge of the technology behind Shopware and its application in projects.

    Certified Shopware 5 Developer

    2 certified employees

  • Shopware 5 Certified Developer Advanced

    A Certified Advanced Developer has specialised and comprehensive knowledge of Shopware’s technology and a thorough understanding of its application in projects.

    Certified Shopware 5 Advanced Developer

    2 certified employees

  • Shopware 5 Certified Template Designer

    A Certified Template Designer can create themes for your Shopware shop.

    Certified Shopware 5 Template Designer

    2 certified employees

  • Shopware 5 Certified Template Developer

    A Certified Template Developer can create their own complex theme configuration.

    Certified Shopware 5 Advanced Template Designer

    2 certified employees