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Take The Lead makes the difference in digital transformation. We like to work on the most complex projects and build user-friendly digital applications. With our Getting-Things-Done approach we co-create with our customers in the following ways:

We advise

To help you through the difficulties of a digital roadmap. With our experience we can analyse and understand the business problem and think forward to a solution.

We guide

Keeping the project on the rails is very important. We can take the lead in guarding the quality, budget, timing and goals and manage the communication to all stakeholders and vendors. As product owner, project manager, program manager or scrum master we can take on several project responsibilities.

We build

Are you looking for a build partner? We can take care of that. Delivering technical architectures and custom build applications is our core. Our developers are T-shaped and skilled in many technologies (React, Angular, VueJS, Symfony, Laravel, NodeJS and GoLang).

We deliver teams

If your project needs to take up speed we can deliver a complete scrum team. A team typically consists a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Analist, Full Stack Developer and Designer. The main benefit is that our people know each other very well by previous team work experiences, they are already streamlined to work as an efficient team. This can create an efficiency boost for your project.

We are ready, so are you ready to https://www.takethelead.be? Contact us sales@takethelead.be

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Take The Lead Straatsburgdok noordkaai 21 2030 Antwerpen Belgium

Phone:  +32 3 375 50 33



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