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Straightforward, original solutions – this is what tricksiebzehn stands for. We are web experts, passionate about helping you.

We are ambassadors of the Internet.

Allow our enthusiasm for web technologies and design to facilitate your life. We are your online representatives. Our team of versatile programmers and experienced designers will be at your side from the first concept through to the finished product.

We tailor our assistance to fit your individual needs. When it comes to our services, the sky is the limit: Simple web applications, cutting-edge online shops or completely redeveloped corporate identities – we can do all of it and have often proved so.

We are constantly reinventing the wheel for you. An inventive online presence is imperative when competing for the attention of consumers. Leave the work to us. All you need to do is to carry on taking care of your customers.

Our business premises may be in Schwäbisch Gmünd, but our home is the Internet. Our team is as diverse and international as our distinct network of digital marketing agencies, photographers, printing houses and other partners. We guarantee to always find the appropriate specialist for you.

We consider it matter of fact that every company should be represented online. Success in the modern-day business world can only be attained by taking extensive measures on the web. We at tricksiebzehn believe in fairness. We will not try to sell any more or less to you than you actually need. Our goals: transparency, adaptability and satisfied customers. We are your partners in all online matters.

We are fans of the future.

No place is changing more rapidly and drastically than the Internet. That is why a stable associate at your side is an invaluable asset. For us, this associate is Shopware: In our experience, innovative online shops achieve the best results using Shopware.

Quality online shops are investments in the future. Together we deliberate what specific demands your website must meet. Then, our highly trained team will conceptualize and design it. You will certainly benefit from our expertise in e-commerce business: We identify your target audience and create the best foundation for usability and return of investment.

Does your company require anything Shopware does not provide? Capitalise on tricksiebzehn’s skilled programmers. We will either find or develop the perfect plugin for your site. After several Shopware training courses we are more than up for the challenge.

Does your business already hold an online shop, which has significant shortcomings? Using Shopware, we will take it to the future. We offer sensible solutions to allow for a smooth transition from the old website to the new one. Adjacent systems, e.g. enterprise resource planning, accounting or CRM, can naturally be integrated. By building on what you already have we facilitate the move towards the future.

The modern, time saving functions of Shopware are designed to attract your online client base, but they do not end there. When a warehouse management system is required, Pickware can be seamlessly incorporated into the backend of your website. Pickware is the best solution or your ERP and cashier system needs.

We are tricksiebzehn.

To achieve the best solution by straightforward and sometimes inventive means – this is our premise. An online shop is only the foundation: We still have some tricks up our sleeves. Our specialist staff is trained on a regular basis, to ensure that you keep pace with your online competition.

Our specialty is search engine optimization (SEO). Only those represented in the upper area of Google and co.’s result pages stick out from their peers. We jointly review possible strategies – from focused ad placements to organic search. With our help, you will acquire new online customers effortlessly.

As soon as your website has launched, we start cultivating even more efficiency: Comprehensive usability tests and the fine tuning of technology and design, for example optimization of loading time, will lead to more effective sales closures and to long-term increased profit. Of course, you can contribute to this growth: Good customer service – prompt shipping and the friendly handling of customers – is the best promotion your business can have.

Modern-day marketing relies on more than one medium: Your best chance to reach your contemporary audience is via social media. We always keep informed about the newest developments in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. This way, we can campaign to your specific target-group. Through various methods of analysis, we also determine through which channels most of your customers come to your shop, to advertise even more purposefully.

Straightforward, original solutions – this is what tricksiebzehn stands for. We offer a wide range of options for you: We conceptualize your online shop, advertise in your name on the appropriate channels and draw the attention of potential customers to your business.

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