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With over a decade of experience, Hosted Power brings even more power to your Shopware application. We combine our high performing software stack with state-of-the-art hardware and customer service insights to deliver unparalleled performance and stability.

Our software stack – TurboStack® is an in-house modular stack built specifically for performance. Thanks to its modular build we can easily roll out new servers that are a custom fit to you and your project’s needs. This goes from framework to caching/web server and even its version, whatever you need we Turbo it.

Our know-how in Shopware has given us the competitive edge to unburden developers in combination with our custom monitoring system. This way we can proactively manage your servers and deliver insight to your needs as an expert.

We offer full transparency and flexibility in our pricing with only monthly fees, all visible on our website. https://

We believe in going the extra mile, that’s why we think as your colleague and manage each project as it was our own.

Contact us for a FREE audit and make your website perform better than ever before:

BE: +32 53 599 000

NL: +31 85 888 4 555

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