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We are Hipex

We are here to help ambitious shops achieve the best performance. We do this by bridging the gap between the hosting stack on the one hand and the application on the other. We are able to look into the codebase and, where necessary, apply optimisations or give advice on how to realise an even faster application. 

High performance Shopware hosting

Hipex has added a pearl to its offer with Shopware hosting. Hipex helps Shopware users to find the fastest managed hosting solutions, so that performance, security, efficiency and substantive knowledge do not become an obstacle for both end users and developers, but rather a weapon.

Headless hosting panel

With a complete self-built hosting panel based on the React, Redux and GraphQL techniques, we not only offer a very fast panel, but we have also experienced what it is like to build a PWA. We act as an ideal sparring partner and are happy to discuss the challenges involved in building a PWA. 

PWA compatible

PWA is a hot item and is becoming increasingly popular. We offer developers maximum freedom to customize Nginx configurations, actively monitor API's and make every effort to run a powerful PWA on the Hipex platform. 

Agency focused

Hipex cooperates with many different partners and works intensively with them on a daily basis to create the fastest applications. We also actively involve partners in determining the roadmap and provide short lines of communication in order to be able to help clients quickly and competently at all times. 

Always attainable

We understand that most shops make money when most people are no longer working. Hipex guarantees maximum accessibility and is always ready to help customers. Also outside regular office hours. 

Visit our website at https://www.hipex.io/shopware-hosting/

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