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Since its establishment in 2003, Skyberate has become a stable hosting partner for many companies in the Netherlands. We currently provide more than 5,000 companies in their hosting needs and specialize in Shopware, WordPress and Magento. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on high stability and maximum performance. We achieve the best possible solution for our customers by combining innovative technology with the latest technology and powerful hardware.


We guarantee the quality of our services with high quality hardware and carefully selected data centers in the Netherlands. We limit the independence of third parties as much as possible by having hardware in-house. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is located across two data centers located in The Netherlands. As a result, we host the fastest websites in the Netherlands. Hosted in data centers with green energy.

We’re Always Here To Help

Outsourcing support? Not really our thing. Our experts take your concerns as seriously as you do, diligently providing personalized solutions. Skyberate’s in-house support team is just a few phone buttons, keyboard buttons or mouse clicks away. We’re here to help you out.

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Skyberate’s Shopware Hosting Solution

As the first Shopware Hosting Partner in the Netherlands and an expert in the field of e-commerce hosting, we know better than anyone what is needed to realize the best version of your Shopware shop. Our Shopware hosting packages offer everything a Shopware shop needs to achieve unprecedented performance and thus leave the competition far behind. 

Shopware's Qualilty audit

After an extensive audit, the Shopware team endorsed that the Shopware hosting packages from Skyberate meet the very best and latest techniques to guarantee optimum performance, stability and security.

Basic Features Included With Every Package

All our Shopware hosting plans include robust features and add-ons designed to make sure it’s easy for you to find success at each step of your online journey. Not only that, our hosting plans come with an easy to use control panel to manage your site. A selection of the techniques we offer:

  • AutoSSL: Our packages are delivered with a free DV SSL-certificate from AutoSSL. With an SSL-certificate your website is not only safer, but it also radiates trust and contributes to the findability of your website.
  • 30-days backup service: We backup your website daily and store them up to 30-days. You also have the option to create instant on-demand backups with the click of a button.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Despite our philosophy of redundant all our servers, it can still happen that something goes wrong. For this reason, we monitor our networks and servers 24/7.
  • Free email hosting: Look professional with a custom, personalized email address for your domain. Promote your website and make a name for yourself with every email you send.
  • Privacy protection: Unlike any other hosters we do not charge extra fees for keeping your personal information safe. With Skyberate your safety is guaranteed. All our servers have an advanced firewall that keeps every intruder out.

Advanced, Easy-to-use control panel

Our hosting packages come with cPanel. cPanel is for over 20 years a leading hosting automation platform and used by over thousands of global web hosting providers. cPanel helps you create an exceptional hosting experience. The cPanel interface allows you to do a multitude of things to manage your site.

Awesome Shopware Caching tools

Working with the latest technologies is our passion. After all, innovation is one of our core values. If there is a technique which we can use to make your webshop faster, than we are the first to implement this.

  • Varnish Cache: Varnish boosts the performance of your webshop, even with peak loads. Varnish saves pages in a fast cache, which means they load much faster during the next visit.
  • Redis Cache: With Redis, the cache of your webshop is stored and processed in super-fast memory, so that processes such as orders and changing products are processed much faster.
  • Cloudflare CDN: CloudFlare makes your website super fast and secure. It keeps spammers and hackers out and ensures that content always reaches your visitors via the most common route!

Powerful Features for Shopware Developers

We have a long history of partnering with developers. By keeping in close contact with these agencies, we gain knowledge about techniques that are most useful for these agencies. When implementing new techniques, we always keep in mind that technology must contribute to speeding up and improving website development. These techniques are:

  • Image Optimizers: the right Image Optimizer can visibly speed up a webshop. With us, you can choose from one of the many options, such as the popular ImageMagick.
  • PHP 7.4: PHP 7.4 is up to 5x faster than its predecessor.
  • Elasticsearch: Elasticsearch is the most powerful search function there is. Add properties that visitors can filter on and prioritize more important pages on less important pages. It’s all possible with Elasticsearch.

The combination of various recent techniques, a dedicated support team and redundant infrastructure makes us a perfect hosting partner for your Shopware webshop. We have a suitable package, matching your speed requirements, budget and technical requirements of your webshop.

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