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Revolutionize the customer experience with the power of AI

We’re rapidly transforming the ecommerce landscape, developing an array of AI-powered tools that'll allow you to boost operational efficiency, drive sales, and create customer journeys that are beyond anything we've ever seen.

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Over 20%

of our technical resources are dedicated to the development of AI tools.


AI and ML innovations will be included in 2023 to elevate the Shopware product suite.

Up to 50%

reduction of our merchants' operating costs by utilizing artificial intelligence.

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Unleash all you can be

The new era is here. Enter the age of efficiency. Enter the age of speed, profit, and greatness.

Join the AI revolution now and take your ecommerce business to new heights. Move faster, reach further.

Sophisticated AI solutions can personalize your customer's shopping experience with product recommendations, improve communication with 24/7 chatbot support, prevent fraudulent activities, optimize inventory management, and predict demand. And this is just the beginning.

However, for us it’s not just about maximizing profit, it’s about having an impact and building a legacy. With AI becoming increasingly accessible, you don’t have to make huge investments anymore in order to create something truly extraordinary. Anyone can do it. Make our AI-powered tools work for you and free your mind to focus on those areas of your business that'll help you build the unforgettable.

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Play at the forefront of innovation

Artificial intelligence will be a key driver of innovation and growth in ecommerce.

But that is no surprise to us. Here at Shopware, we’re already in the lab, working at lighting-speed and focusing all our resources on giving you the most cutting-edge AI tools that’ll allow you to take your business above and beyond.

It has always been our job to make you smarter than your competition, to get you ahead of the game and accelerate your growth. But that isn’t enough anymore. With the tools we’re creating, we want you to be the one who’s capable of changing the game altogether.

The genius of the human mind cannot be replaced. But what AI can replace are costly, time-consuming, and mundane tasks that may require skill and and maybe even some level of creativity, but certainly not genius. Making artificial intelligence work for you and your business is not about becoming less human, it’s about becoming more human.

To find out what we’re working on, please check our roadmap.

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Stefan Hamann

Artificial intelligence will drive a paradigm shift in the ways we do business – similar to the invention of the internet but with even greater impact. For us and our merchants, the opportunities are exhilarating. Shopware's ability to adapt and meet the moment is rooted in our open source DNA, also reflected in our AI-focused product strategy. The tools we're creating will touch the entire customer journey, unlocking a whole new level of efficiency. We expect to see major improvements in our merchants' revenue and operating costs.

Stefan Hamann

Founder and Co-CEO

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AI power for your everyday ecommerce tasks

Discover the first 10+ features of Shopware's AI Copilot

Introducing our extensive feature set, known as "AI Copilot." With 10+ innovative functions currently available for Shopware Rise, Evolve and Beyond – and more on the way – the AI Copilot seamlessly integrates into our software, empowering you to tackle a diverse range of tasks effortlessly.

Enhance or translate text on your landing page? Create product descriptions based on keywords? Or vice versa, input properties for filters and variants based on a product description? Export specific data with a single command? All of this and much more is now possible!

Explore the full range of features and advantages in our interview about the AI Copilot with Shopware's product experts.

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Jason Nyhus

The next wave of AI/ML innovation will be driven by the orchestration of disparate systems, working together to make ecommerce more efficient and effective. But you have to cut through the noise and make sure that the innovation is pragmatic – that it's real, different, and beyond the buzz. Merchants need to select platforms who are prioritizing AI in their product strategy, and not just co-opting the word.

Jason Nyhus

General Manager USA

You're in good company

The Shopware ecosystem

Our open source network has always been a driving force for success. In our world, the entire system is smart, not just individual components. The same hunger and curiosity that originally launched Shopware also drives our ambitious partners — those who experiment, push boundaries, and define the future. Explore countless AI-powered extensions in the Shopware Store to elevate your business. With a built-in community network like this, anything is possible.

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