Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The Journey of the Mid-Market Merchant

Rick Watson, Executive Advisory Board Member at MACH Alliances, took an unbiased look at why mid-market merchants are dissatisfied with legacy platforms and observed the decline of major players such as Salesforce and Magento.

Shopware Community Insights

Everybody is talking about the forgotten mid-market

Explore the exclusive insights offered by thought leaders, partners, and industry influencers on the 'forgotten mid-market.' Hear their perspectives as they provide a fresh angle on the topic.

ITG Commerce: Decoding the report

ITG Commerce and Mark Friedmann interview: Among mid-market merchants, there isn’t a lot of satisfaction with their current commerce platforms. We’ve probably never seen a time when there was such a low appetite to re-platform to something new.

Ziffity: The changing mid-market eCommerce landscape

Are you wondering about the best eCommerce platform for your migration? If you’re a mid-market eCommerce brand in the US, it’s likely a question you’re grappling with. Ziffity shared key insights from the report and their perspective on the mid-market eCommerce landscape.

Brent W Peterson: A Personal Reflection

Brent W Peterson, President and Founder at ContentBasis, got a preview of the report and found himself nodding in agreement. This report opens up a critical discussion on the current state of eCommerce platforms, particularly for mid-market merchants.

ITG Commerce: Challenges Faced by Mid-Market Merchants

After reviewing the report, Alex Bullock of ITG Commerce highlights three main points: dissatisfaction among mid-market merchants with current platforms, a historic reluctance to transition to new solutions, and the challenge of finding alternatives when Shopify falls short in handling complexity.

The journey of the mid market merchant ecommerce platform

Commerce Famous with Mark Friedman

In this episode of the Commerce Famous Podcast, host Ben Marks chats with Mark Friedman, co-author of the report, and delves into the nuanced world of mid-market ecommerce. This discussion is set to uncover the challenges and decisions faced by mid-market merchants in today's ecommerce environment. Tune in to gain perspectives and navigate the complexities of ecommerce with greater clarity.

CSS Commerce: SME Ecommerce Innovation

Watch Rob Neumann, Chief Digital Officer at CSS Commerce, and Jason Nyhus, President at Shopware, discuss innovation in the small and medium-sized ecommerce business landscape and why merchants are dissatisfied with legacy platforms.

Hard Truth about B2B Ecommerce Podcast

In "The Hard Truth about B2B Ecommerce", the hosts sit down with Shopware's Jason Nyhus to talk about mid-market B2B ecommerce. They inquire how Shopware has managed to gain so much traction in the B2B mid-market.

Breaking Free from Legacy Constraints

Key Insights

1️⃣ Market Shift: The US mid-market ecommerce sector is evolving, with limited new deployments. Brands opt for top-of-funnel marketing, overlooking the game-changing opportunities in platform innovation.

2️⃣ Magento's Decline: Adobe's neglect of Magento has led to a decline in market share and major brands are slowly moving away.

3️⃣ Escaping Legacy Costs: Uncover why brands universally dislike their current platforms—excessive maintenance costs, unforeseen total ownership expenses, and the struggle with inflexible structures.

4️⃣ Break Free: Explore alternatives beyond the stagnating giants. Rick Watson's report guides mid-market merchants on evaluating solution providers, enabling a seamless transition from legacy platforms.

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