Shopware PaaS

Shopware PaaS is your solution to think bigger, build better, and innovate faster to make your business future-fit.

With our most advanced technology, you can launch and change your business faster than ever while handing off complex infrastructure issues to experts who understand them best. Shopware PaaS enables your organization to iterate, deploy, and develop your strategy in the fastest, most scalable, and most secure way – giving you the time to fully concentrate on your business success.





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Build and grow your business faster

Ecommerce projects often carry similar risks. Shopware PaaS enables you to effortlessly bypass all common challenges with turnkey capabilities based on our expertise from countless Shopware developments: Through the customizable PaaS (Platform as a service) solution, developers have full access to core components, and you to your most valuable asset - your customer data.

Avoid performance issues due to scarce resources or knowledge gaps in your team. Instead, leverage ample flexibility in best-practice infrastructures, managed scaling, as well as DevOps and monitoring tools. Simultaneously test different iterations across separate environments through 5x faster development. That way Shopware PaaS reduces your development overhead and contributes to an overall lower TCO.

With Shopware PaaS, you choose your preferred cloud provider for seamless operations regardless of provider or location. This puts full control in your hands. Be the first to respond to new customer requirements and shorten your time-to-innovate with 20x more deployments and 90% less DevOps. Never miss a release again because of a single feature.

Launch fast, learn fast, change fast.

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Faster Development Speed

with Shopware PaaS



Open Commerce and Shopware PaaS

Leverage our Open Commerce promise also in the cloud

Open Commerce is our answer to real-world flexibility without lock-ins, limits, or compromise. Our strategy balances the flexibility, ingenuity, and distribution of an open ecosystem with gentle guardrails for administration (backend) and frontend interfaces.

Shopware PaaS is the ideal solution to fully tap into the benefits of this approach. Through a standardized infrastructure and the reduction of DevOps complexity, you have full flexibility to design your best-of-breed ecosystem: Easily pick and compose your environments according to your needs. Iterate, deploy, and develop your Shopware project with an 40% uplift in developer productivity. All in the most scalable and most secure way ever.

Shopware Open Commerce

Shopware PaaS

Key benefits at a glance

Reduce project risks

Reduce project risks

Avoid complex problems with your infrastructure caused by resource bottlenecks and knowledge gaps in the team. A central contact person is available for any support requests.

Make the most of your resources

Make the most of your resources

With reduced DevOps complexity and build-and-deploy pipelines, your developers have the time to focus on their core competencies.

Fast time-to-innovate

Fast time-to-innovate

Through fast product increments, you are always one step ahead of your competitors and react promptly to customer wishes and market changes.

Lower TCO

Lower TCO

Time savings and increased efficiency of your developers keep the overall costs of your project low. Your infrastructure scales flexibly - you can start small and grow as needed.

Unlimited ownership of your data

Unlimited ownership of your data

With Shopware PaaS you have full access and control over your data and features. This also applies to your most important asset, your customer data, which can be kept compliant with GDPR.

Solid scaling & multi-cloud support

Solid scaling & multi-cloud support

Experience stable and scalable performance, which you can always keep an eye on thanks to monitoring tools. For the storage of your data, you can choose the cloud provider that suits you best.

Customer Spotlight

PhiAcademy GmbH
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PhiAcademy GmbH


PhiAcademy GmbH

The renowned cosmetics company from Austria is one of the international market leaders in B2B online trade with beauty products. In the online store, PhiShop, PhiAcademy offers a wide range of beauty products for beauticians and salon owners.

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Time to market

4 months

Deployment times

5x reduced

Dev onboarding

2x faster

Quote icon Paul Stuefer

Thanks to Shopware PaaS, we can work on our shop in a flexible and agile way. Desired features can be quickly tested via our own test environment and thus no longer jeopardise sprints. Due to the uncomplicated communication with the hosting experts and our partner, Portaltech Reply, we were able to migrate our cloud shop within four months.

Paul Stuefer

Head of E-Commerce & Marketing, PhiAcademy GmbH

Quote icon Roman Allenstein

With Shopware PaaS, there is now a highly automated cloud solution that combines performance, scalability and fast time-to-market. From our experience as a long-standing Shopware partner, I can say: Shopware PaaS is a very good solution for Shopware projects of all sizes to deliver products (increments) quickly.

Roman Allenstein

Team Manager E-Commerce, Portaltech Reply

Shopware PaaS - now available!

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Shopware PaaS - now available!
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