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Clothes Clothes

Ecommerce solution for fashion

Fashion brands depend on trends and emotions. With Shopware, you can establish a strong and holistic online presence across all channels. Use your online shop as a runway. Connect it with your POS or social media. Inspire fashion lovers across all borders and offer them an appealing and smooth shopping experience.

Dorothee Schumacher
User experience

Shopware features all-round flawless usability on all devices. This makes it even more fun for your customers to browse the latest looks while they're on the go!

Headless commerce

Shopware consistently pursues an API-first approach and offers a solid foundation for many channels, including headless commerce. Your online business will benefit from growth potential and security for the future.

Short time to market

In the fast-paced fashion industry, a short time to market is crucial. With Shopware, you can swiftly make your visions a reality.

Content Commerce

Shopware's Experience Worlds allow you to highlight your brand perfectly. Ensure a holistic shopping experience across every channel, regardless of the content or device. Design visually appealing shop pages or use Storytelling to lead your customers through a virtual shopping tour step by step. The whole experience works intuitively via drag & drop.

"On the one side, you have the large online platforms, and on the other side, you have the individual brands. How can individual brands set themselves apart from the large platforms? By telling their own unique stories."

Fons Cohen


Gusti Leder Gusti Leder

Instagram integration

For a long time social media like Instagram or Pinterest provides users with latest style impulses. Sell where your customers are looking for inspiration. With Shopware you can place your products on Instagram or other social media channels and reach your customers at the perfect time in their customer journey.

Herzog Loibner

Product configurator

A tailored shirt, a special pattern on a jumper or jewellery in their favourite colour? Offer your customers the freedom to design their fashion individually! The product configurator makes this possible.


Shop the look

Clothes are most effective when you show your customers how they can match them in an outfit. This works even better if your customers can add the complete look to their basket in just a few clicks. With image mapping, you can embed products in images and interactively forward your customers to the product pages.


Store locator

Connect your online shop with the POS. Sometimes customers would rather try something on first or browse in a physical shop. Using the store locator, your customers can search for the closest branch and view important information such as the address and opening hours directly. A connection with Google Maps also makes it possible to calculate the route. This way, your customer can also find the way to your physical shop locations.


Availability request

Did a product catch the shopper's interest but is no longer in stock? With an availability enquiry, the customer can obtain an overview of each POS where their desired product is still available. Another scenario: A customer fancies a dress but sees that only two more items are available online. She is not likely to wait long before making a decision to purchase. In all cases, the availability enquiry is a useful and user-friendly tool.

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