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The family business 1A Medizintechnik GmbH


  • Medical technology


  • Primarily B2B but also B2C through the new online shop
  • Around 15,000 products (including variants)
  • 350 categories in the online shop
  • 2.000+ m² warehouse
  • Average shopping basket value is around €150
  • Available 24/7
  • Showroom at the Bocholt site
  • Core business in North Rhine-Westphalia

Technical features

  • ERP interface to CVS AlphaPlan enables faster order processing
  • Hosting scenario is covered by managed servers including ElasticSearch

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Interplay of content & commerce

    With the Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences, 1A Medizintechnik wants to impress its customers in future with the right products and well-linked content.

  • B2B suite meets complex challenges

    The company can map its complex business process with the B2B Suite

  • Increased conversion and greater visibility

    By using Shopware 6, the company has been able to increase its conversion rate and optimise the visibility of its product portfolio for new and existing customers.

  • Optimising internal processes

    Processes in the field of tender customers (ambulance stations with framework contracts) could now be mapped with the use of Shopware 6 and thus the company’s internal processes were significantly improved.

  • Successful project implementation after 12 months

    The company was well looked after by Shopware Gold partner SHOPMACHER and Shopware hosting partner Creoline and together they successfully implemented the shop project (with a project volum...

  • Shopware 6 Sales Channels

    As well as its own online shop, 1A Medizintechnik sells in the external marketplaces eBay and Amazon – an interface connection to Shopware 6 is planned with the Shopware 6 Sales Channels.


There are around 15,000 products in 350 categories in 1A Medizintechnik’s online shop.

A life-saving business model

There is nothing more precious than a person’s life and health. That is why 1A Medizintechnik has been passionate about providing its customers with high-quality products and services for first aid, emergency medicine, the emergency services and occupational safety for more than 20 years.

Thanks to some members of 1A Medizintechnik working in the emergency services for years, the team has user-related experience and can provide customers with the best possible advice and training.

The company provides tailored solutions based on personal requirements, primarily for the B2B sector. Thanks to the online shop, however, they are now stronger in the B2C sector too. These new opportunities are considerably expanding the company’s reach.

Shopware 6 sales channels: use of diverse sales channels

As well as the new online shop based on Shopware 6, 1A Medizintechnik has a showroom in Bocholt where customers can be shown various products and they may also collect them from this site. Moreover, the products are sold by the company’s own sales representatives and its network in the German-speaking D/A/CH region as well as in other European countries. The company’s focus is in North Rhine-Westphalia, but it is also achieving significant growth in other regions.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the company was also regularly represented at trade fairs and public events.

Other marketplaces where the medical technology company reaches its customers include Amazon and eBay. Thanks to flexible connectivity options with the sales channel API, various sales channels can be connected to Shopware 6. With Shopware 6 sales channels, all channels are centrally controlled using one solution, and products are straightforwardly displayed for the individual sales channels and the relevant target group.

1A Medizintechnik is planning an interface connection to Shopware 6 with the Shopware 6 sales channels in the near future.

Content options and B2B suite prove to be persuasive

1A Medizintechnik is not new to online business as the company has already operated an online shop based on Gambio. However, it was not sufficiently developed and could no longer meet the company’s requirements.

When evaluating a new ecommerce platform before starting the project, 1A Medizintechnik considered software solutions from Oxid as well as Shopware 6. Jens Grotstabel, Head of Marketing at 1A Medizintechnik, explains why the decision was made in favour of Shopware:

“Before the start of the project, we were wavering between Oxid and Shopware 6. Christina Braun and Andre Vennemann from Shopware and our partner agency SHOPMACHER convinced us to go for Shopware 6. The interplay of content and commerce was a deciding factor for us, as we see Shopware 6 as being strongly positioned for the future. In addition, the B2B suite was exactly the right approach for mapping our complex business customer process.”

The B2B suite acts as an important tool in the medical technology company to take customer service to a new level.

New sales opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has become an ubiquitous topic – it is by no means just an issue for private individuals and companies, but it affects the whole world. Whilst some sectors and industries are grappling with economic survival due to the adopted measures and effects of the pandemic, for other sectors and companies new opportunities are emerging:

“As we are active in the medical sector and sell coronavirus products such as sanitisers, disposable gloves, medical-grade face masks and FFP2 masks, the online shop opened up new sales opportunities for us. After we were officially approved to sell our own coronavirus test for lay people, our online shop played a crucial role in our sales,” explains Grotstabel.


The medical technology company is using new sales opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Other benefits of the online shop based on Shopware 6

Through digital order entry which ends with a packing slip in the warehouse, the company has made considerable time savings in order processing. Moreover, sales representatives can show customers products in the online shop itself, thus avoiding having to constantly compare products and prices in brochures and catalogues.

Furthermore, the company was able to optimise the visibility of its product portfolio for new and existing customers with its new online shop, and gains further benefits from having a good search function and an active advertising portal.


“We want to shake things up a bit in our sector and become a pioneer in digitisation for the procurement of emergency medicine,” says Jens Grotstabel, Head of Marketing at 1A Medizintechnik. For this reason, the company is using its growth potential and also has plans for the future for its new online shop:

They are investing a great deal of time, now and in the future, in expanding usability (cross-selling, product descriptions etc), increased visibility (in the form of new subshops) as well as the improving internal processes and sales (bulk prices, price groups). New marketing measures (e.g., free add-ons, discounts etc) are also being planned.


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