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The Shopware B2B Suite has been diligently developed to automate and facilitate the complex business operations that are prevalent in today’s B2B sector. It is the administrative backbone of your business – strong, agile and intuitively supporting every move you make.

Highly customizable

Adapt to changing market conditions fast with highly customizable and advanced B2B capabilities to reduce your overhead and maintenance costs.

Maximum customer satisfaction

Manage your business operations with utmost efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction at the forefront – ready to go and no code needed!

Personal contact

Innovate and scale as fast as you like. Take your business further with our best-in-class support team and B2B experts by your side.

Successful B2B commerce ahead of its time

This is what selected industry experts say about future-oriented B2B commerce.

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Successful B2B commerce ahead of its time
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The future of digital B2B commerce. Right here, right now!

Your needs are our commands. We've designed the Shopware B2B Suite in close cooperation with our expert partner network and experienced customers. It is our cutting-edge answer to meet the most demanding B2B requirements. One powerful solution with an extensive and customizable feature set, offering you supreme customer satisfaction as well as full control over your business operations and strategic decisions.

Next-level B2B capabilities for you and your customers

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The powerful B2B framework reinforces strong customer relationships by facilitating smooth, fast and future-oriented business interactions. Your customers benefit from comprehensive and easy to navigate account settings in their B2B Suite dashboard where they can:

  • CheckmarkAllocate roles, permissions, limits and budgets to their employees.
  • CheckmarkEffortlessly place repeat orders or large order quantities via file upload.
  • CheckmarkView, approve or decline pending orders made by employees.
  • CheckmarkSend and receive sales offers and manage them accordingly.
  • CheckmarkFilter important data regarding purchase history in statistics.
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At the same time, you benefit from Shopware’s fast and secure open commerce platform and our dedicated partner network.

The B2B Suite provides state-of-the-art functionalities that never stop evolving and are under constant scrutiny of our expert advisors, developers and customers.

Take a look at the ambitious roadmap to see what’s coming next. Got questions?

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Your B2B Suite: Operational functionalities at a glance

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Specify the roles and permissions of your team members. Allow dedicated sales representatives to access and manage B2B customer accounts, place orders on their behalf, or provide personal video consultations via the Digital Sales Rooms feature.


Manage and transparently display your corporate structure such as head of sales, regional managers or external sales representatives with their assigned permissions and/or restrictions.

customer specific price

Stand out with a flexible price strategy and offer customer specific prices, for example according to product range, order frequency or order quantity.

large order quantities

Facilitate repeat orders and large order quantities by offering innovative but straightforward order options as well as simple approval processes for orders placed by team members.

rational purchases

Manage an effortless submission and approval of sales offers: Prepare and send proposals to your customers, accept or decline offers made to you.


Enable Easymode for selected customers to reduce complexity and offer them a simplified version of their dashboard and account settings without losing relevant B2B functionalities.


Obtain and filter relevant customer data such as purchase history and respective net/gross amounts – all in one place and at a glance with the B2B Suite’s integrated statistics.

api first

Easily integrate existing workflows to the B2B Suite and connect your established system infrastructure such as ERP and CRM thanks to Shopware’s API-first approach.

highly advanced features

Lead the way and inspire your customers with an outstanding UX strategy by combining the B2B Suite with Shopware’s advanced features such as Digital Sales Rooms and Advanced Search.

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Shopware is resolutely API-first with a headless core. Why this matters? Because it allows you to follow a best-of-breed strategy and always work with the best solutions to meet your specific requirements. Integrate new or already deployed B2B software solutions such as your ERP, CRM or PPS and bring it all together in the B2B Suite. Achieve higher productivity and thus better profitability in the long run by successfully implementing an individually tailored best-of-breed strategy. In addition, you benefit from more control and more flexibility with regards to changing market conditions by choosing the most suitable solutions for your business needs.

B2B shop - Grohe GmbH
Quote icon Karl Grohe

Grohe GmbH

"Of course we’re using the B2B Suite to its full extent. It was one of the reasons why we chose Shopware. For us at Grohe, it's important that we can register a company that has several buyers. In addition, the B2B Suite offers extensive possibilities with the assignment of user rights and permissions. Another benefit are the fast and simple order procedures thanks to B2B Suite. The customer can create order lists and simply add items to the shopping cart via the product number. We’ve worked together with our Shopware partner agency to expand the display further. Our customers can view all sales documents, including offers and orders (even those that have not been placed via the shop) as well as delivery notes and invoices. There's an interface to our ERP system and the simple integration of our existing systems was crucial to accomplish this."

Karl Grohe

Managing Director of Grohe GmbH

B2B shop - elostore GmbH & Co KG
Quote icon Tony Baumann

elostore GmbH & Co KG

"Purchase procedures are becoming increasingly complex for companies of all sizes. This is where our new digital procurement approach in the can help. We highly value simple ordering processes for our merchants and customers. With the B2B Suite, we can support our customers by automating the approval processes, as well as through quick order options in The B2B Suite also offers convenient rights and role management for buyers of different levels and budgets. We can easily automate the exchange of information so that there is ultimately more time to tackle the real business challenges."

Tony Baumann

Head of ecommerce elostore GmbH & Co KG

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Finally found the answer to your B2B prayers? This is how you get started:

The B2B Suite is part of the advanced feature set that is included in Shopware Evolve and Beyond – fully integrated and at no extra costs. Comprehensive, ready-to-use and without writing code, the feature is unbelievably fast and easy to set up. Say goodbye to rigid, time consuming and costly business procedures. With Shopware, you’re in control.

But your business has highly individual, complex requirements? We’ve got your back! Thanks to Shopware’s open source platform you can extend the functionalities of the B2B Suite in any direction you like. Our specialized partner network is by your side with expert knowledge and developer support.

Simply get in touch and talk to us. Get all your questions answered in a personal consultation or book a guided demo with one of our B2B specialists. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Vanessa Brauch

"Now more than ever, B2B companies need innovative ecommerce solutions that enable them to have efficient digital sales procedures. The goal is to offer effortless business operations and exceptional user experiences to reinforce strong customer relationships in the B2B sector. This is our focus now and in the further development of the B2B Suite."

Vanessa Brauch

Product Targeting Manager,
shopware AG

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