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Biketec GmbH develops and distributes innovative technologies for e-bikes. It offers flexible solutions for e-bike manufacturers, retailers and customers. As the only system provider, it integrates motors from different manufacturers in one system

Biketec: A leading B2B company offering smart technologies for e-bikes

Biketec GmbH is a spin-off of FLYER AG, a pioneering Swiss e-bike business. Its headquarters are in Huttwil, Switzerland, and it has a subsidiary named Biketec Europe GmbH in Elsenfeld, Germany. The founding idea behind Biketec was to follow the automobile industry’s approach of bringing together the best components and supporting manufacturers and retailers with all their e-bike needs – from configuration and assembly to the integration of additional features.

A key aspect is Biketec’s drive to advance intelligent technologies for e-bikes. The highly qualified team has a wealth of experience in software development and system integration of e-bike components, making Biketec a byword for Swiss precision. The FIT developers are helping to make e-biking safer and more convenient with new design ideas, a fully connected app, and additional features.

E-bike system integrator makes its online debut

When the company was founded, it quickly became clear that having its own online store would be necessary in order to handle the needs of specialist retailers.

The online store aimed to become the first port of call for the e-bike retail sector, allowing visitors to place orders, find information, and take part in training. The store also needed to offer B2B customers the opportunity to log into the platform using SSO, just as they did with other Biketec tools.

It was important that customers who were not logged in also had access to the extensive product information provided in the store, including recommended retail prices and details of availability. Biketec wanted to offer its customers a fast, straightforward shopping experience in the online store.

In terms of look, the company wanted something that authentically represented the brand. What was needed was an online store with a modern design, a user-friendly interface, and a consistent brand appearance. This is where Shopware came in.

Shopware: Intelligent solutions for every business model

Following an intensive evaluation phase, the company selected the Shopware store system and opted to work with our partner agency NETFORMIC. Shopware allowed the company to implement its unique business model and specific requirements. The online store now has single sign-on for retailers. This allows them to access the online store for product orders and the retailer area, and to navigate to other peripheral systems.

Comprehensive product information is also available to anonymous visitors to the store. These customers have access, for example, to a wide selection of e-bike components in a range of categories. They can also check product availability, see recommendations for additional products, and search for a FIT retailer in their area. The store also features a comparison function that allows the customer to compare several products at once, making the shopping experience even more convenient.

Biketec Case Study 1

To serve customers from other European countries and position the company on the international market, Biketec also set the store up with five language options and a choice of eight language regions:

  • German

  • English

  • French

  • Italian

  • Dutch

  • Switzerland, German

  • Switzerland, French

  • Switzerland, Italian

The online store also features a “Technology” section where the company can inform its customers about new e-bike technologies in the portfolio such as the FIT E-Bike Control app and the FIT E-Bike Tracker.

Attractive design and intuitive user interface

In addition to delivering the functionality the online store needed, Shopware was also able to meet Biketec’s design requirements. The Shopping Experiences feature allows the company to edit and centrally manage the store’s product pages, blog, landing pages, and category pages. Shopware’s Shopping Experiences also allows the team to assign layouts to other pages rather than creating a new one for each category, reducing their workload. This not only saves the team time but also ensures a uniform design throughout the online store.

Biketec Case Study 2

The future is ready for Biketec

According to Biketec, the next steps will involve connecting Shopware to the ERP and making ongoing improvements to the marketing automation process.

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