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Key facts:

Shopware Edition


  • elostore is the online store of elobau GmbH & Co. KG – a company that manufactures high-quality products for the industrial and vehicle construction sector.


  • Control elements, sensor technology, level measurement and machine safety.


  • B2B Shop
  • 1,590 products in five categories
  • elostore enables its customers simple comparisons of products and convinces with its user-friendly and modern design.

Technical features

  • Stock administration system: pixi Descartes
  • Newsletter marketing tool: Cleverreach
  • Monitoring tool: Analytics
  • Hosting scenario: Staging and live surroundings via AWS. ElasticSearch function

Most important conversion rate increases

  • Orders: +14%
  • Return: +25%
  • Orders per day: +11%
  • Customer registration: +18%

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Advanced API-first architecture

    Shopware 6 offers cutting-edge technology and advanced features. Moreover, it supports extensions and offers an excellent, competent support service.
  • Easy management of the online store in the admin backend

    For elobau, the integration of the Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition facilitates an easy handling of customer enquiries, specific requests for orders, as well as the processing of orders.
  • Partner Agencies

    Shopware's Enterprise Partner basecom has supported elobau to build a solid platform for its online store – from the initial concept up to the creation and set up of the online store.
  • Conception duration: One Year

    The online store of elobau, named elostore, has had a successful online launch without any disruptions. The project counted a volume of about 285.000 Euro.


elostore: The new online store of elobau

elobau is a leading manufacturer of contactless sensor technologies with its headquarter in Leutkirch in Allgäu. Established in 1972, it is known as an innovative technology enterprise. The company produces customised and high-quality components, as well as systems and solutions for commercial vehicles, level measurement and machine safety. In 2019, elobau decided to launch its ecommerce website elostore based on the Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition. The online store serves the company as a digital sales channel for its selected product range.

“With elostore, we want to particularly meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies. elostore's infrastructure is optimised for processing very small orders. As a result, the economic advantages this generates is directly passed on to the customer in the form of discounts." Michael Hetzer, CEO of elobau and elostore.Bildschirmfoto-2021-11-19-um-12-07-05

elostore has 1,590 articles in 5 categories

The new online store based on Shopware 6

Most of elobau's customers submit and process their orders the traditional way. This led to higher internal fixed costs, especially for small orders placed by mid-sized companies. In order to reduce the internal workload and to be equipped with the latest technology, the company decided to use Shopware 6 as the base for its online store. Thanks to Shopware’s excellent scalability and flexibility, elobau was able to dynamically develop its online store and configure it optimally with the company’s complex products in mind. With Shopware’s expansive ecosystem and its many innovative features, elostore is equipped for scaling the business and growing internationally. 

Better business thanks to the online store

The launch of elostore was a turning point for elobau. In the past, the company received many enquiries about delivery times, operating instructions, technical drawings and stock levels of its products. Now with the online store, all relevant information needed for customers' purchasing decisions is given on the product detail page. This not only increases sales, but also greatly reduces the product returns rate. In addition, the volume of customer support and order requests, as well as the speed of order processing, has improved dramatically. Unlike before, where everything had to be handled in traditional or outdated manners, elobau can now manage customer orders easily and with lower costs. With the regular Shopware 6 updates, elobau also ensures that they are always at the cutting edge of technology. 

Further advantages of Shopware 6

But that is by far not everything that has changed for elobau. Their online store has special features that other competitors in the industry do not offer. elostore enables customers to easily compare the technical data of all variants of the main product in a comparison chart. They can also place their selected product from the comparison chart directly into the shopping basket. If something needs to be ordered immediately, there is also a quick order function. This allows the customer to place products in the shopping cart via the product number. In addition, the roll setting is automatic for protection and easier management of company data. elostore has a modern and user-friendly web design that can be continuously expanded and extended thanks to Shopware 6

elobau is very satisfied with the entire project: “Choosing our partner agency basecom was a great decision. We’re very satisfied with Shopware and the many features it provides!” Bildschirmfoto-2021-11-19-um-12-07-35

In the new elostore, customers can compare the technical data of all variants of the main product in tabular form.

The outlook

Although elostore currently only delivers within Germany, the company plans to go international and expand its market base. Countries that will be added as delivery destinations are Austria, Switzerland, UK, Benelux, Italy, Spain, France and Scandinavia. In addition, elobau also plans to implement product configurators. This will enable the company to incorporate complex articles and attributes into their online store. With estore being based on Shopware 6, elobau is definitely prepared for the future.


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