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Grohe relies on the B2B Suite

Key facts:

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  • Trade and industry


Grohe, based in South Tyrol, is a leading wholesaler of fittings, tools, occupational safety and safety technology.


  • B2B store
  • 20,000 items in approx. 350 categories
  • Grohe distributes its products in Italy. Since most customers in South Tyrol speak German as their native language, the entire website is available in two languages: Italian und German
  • Grohe’s online store has user-friendly image navigation for its categories
  • The interface isn’t only very intuitive and easy to use, it’s also tailored to the special and complex requirements of the B2B industry
  • The product search is optimized by the website's dictionary of synonyms. This is specifically tailored to the dialect and colloquial language in South Tyrol
  • In addition to the online store, the company offers a POS service directly at the warehouse. Click and Collect is also possible

Technical features

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B2B Suite

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