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Norah spearheads fashion industry innovation

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Norah has been designing beautiful and affordable women's fashion in sizes 36 to 48 for almost 10 years and now has more than 90 stores in the Netherlands and several in Belgium. The head office is located in Alkmaar.

Norah spearheads fashion industry innovation with a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform

Norah, boasting over 90 outlets in the Netherlands and two in Belgium, has cemented its position in the fashion retail sector.

The online store, in addition to numerous brick-and-mortar locations, serves as a key sales avenue for Norah. The previous ecommerce platform was falling short of the evolving technological and design benchmarks. Addressing this, Norah embraced Shopware 6, an advanced platform brought to life through a strategic alliance with XSARUS. The objective was to forge an integrated shopping experience, seamlessly blending the digital and physical realms, centered around customer inspiration and exceptional service. The ambition was to not just captivate customers across all touchpoints but also to offer them comprehensive support – a goal adeptly achieved with Shopware.

"Norah is renowned for its inviting shopping ambience, inclusivity, and tailored fashion consulting. Our extensive network of over 90 stores in the Netherlands already appeals to a large customer base passionate about our burgeoning fashion brand. More than 40 percent of our customers shop both online and offline, underscoring the need for a flawless integration between our online presence and physical outlets," states Anousha de Ruiter, ecommerce manager at Norah. "In 2022, we embarked on a strategic overhaul of our online shop. A critical aspect for us was ensuring the shop's omnichannel functionality and its user-friendly CMS. This led us to choose Shopware, a contemporary and user-centric ecommerce platform with extensive capabilities. This choice also marked the beginning of our fruitful partnership with XSARUS."

Norah: Homepage

Norah Champions the Transformative Power of Fashion

Norah understands that the right outfit does more than enhance your appearance – it bolsters your self-esteem, particularly when you adore your wardrobe. Committed to empowering every Dutch woman to remain authentic in every moment, Norah designs its collections in sizes 36 to 48, reflecting standard sizes that cater to the Dutch woman’s build, rather than being exceptional sizes.

On January 30, 2024, Norah unveiled its redesigned online boutique at This platform is not just a destination for purchasing women’s fashion; it’s a treasure trove of fashion news, styling advice, and the latest trends. Norah's mission is to consistently offer inspiration, expert guidance, and superior service to its clientele, both in the physical and digital realms. The new online store stands out with its contemporary elegance, diverse fashion selections, and a fresh, feminine aesthetic.

Proactive risk management for Norah's new online shop

During the planning phase for their new online shop, Norah held in-depth discussions with XSARUS. Lieven Pouwelse, an ecommerce consultant at XSARUS, details: "We rigorously analyzed the specifications and aspirations for the new platform. Norah leaned towards Shopware. Despite Shopware being a relatively recent addition to our offerings, we determined it was the ideal fit for Norah's needs. After an intense validation process, where we scrutinized every aspect of Shopware to preemptively address potential risks, Norah granted us the go-ahead.”

Streamlined collaboration through agile methodology

Lieven also reflects on the seamless collaboration: “We employed agile sprints during the development phase. In a consistent three-week cycle, we completed and reviewed a predetermined set of functionalities with Norah. Following the development, we opted for a soft launch of the online shop. This approach allowed us to conduct extensive testing of the platform before its official launch."

Anousha adds: "This strategy turned out to be highly effective. While there were few issues, it provided us with an invaluable opportunity to refine the online shop up to the moment of its grand debut."

Seamless launch of the online shop

Anousha recounts the smooth go-live of the online shop: "Our customer service team was braced for a high volume of inquiries at launch, but surprisingly, they experienced one of their most tranquil periods. The launch was executed flawlessly, turning our online shop into a flagship representation of our brand."

Norah: Shop-the-look

The Norah and Shopware story: A benchmark project

Lieven shares his enthusiasm: "As an implementation partner, I'm delighted with the adaptability Shopware offers for customizations, like the stock indicator on product detail pages. Such features are challenging on other platforms, but Shopware made it achievable with ease. Overall, Norah's shop stands as an impressive, feature-rich online store that truly inspires, marking it as one of our standout projects."

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