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PMG increases turnover and conversions

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Founded in 1998, PMG is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the Benelux. It is the force behind several well-known bicycle brands such as Popal and supersuper. PMG has over 60 employees and works with 1,500 dealers throughout Europe.

PMG: A leading destination for B2B bicycles in the Benelux region

In the bicycle industry, PMG is considered a market leader in the Benelux. The company owns well-known bicycle brands such as Popal, supersuper, Cangoo, Keewee, BSP, and BirdBike. PMG manufactures a wide range of bicycle products, from children's bikes and city bikes to e-bikes and cargo bikes. The company works with more than 1,500 dealers across Europe and operates in ten countries.

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Shopware 6: An innovative B2B portal for modern B2B needs

PMG's new B2B portal is unique in its form. The PIM system and the ERP system were integrated into the new Shopware CMS to provide dealers with crucial product information. They can now view real-time inventory levels and delivery times. Additionally, they can access their current and previous orders, neatly sorted from A to Z, for improved visibility.

Moreover, handling dealer inquiries has become easier and faster. Previously, dealers had to call support by phone to report defective and undelivered parts. Now, they can simply submit a ticket through the portal or initiate a chat with a support representative if needed. All of these new features resulted in higher customer satisfaction and a 30% increase in sessions per user.

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What's next for PMG?

Due to the positive results, PMG plans to enhance the B2B portal further. PMG plans to automate email workflows and build a customer data platform (CDP). In the future, the company intends to provide account managers with more functionality and insight to manage dealer accounts better.

Overall, PMG is delighted with the results of the project, as confirmed by Bas Hellendoorn: "With the new Shopware CMS and the integration with the ERP, Zendesk, and PIM systems, we have been able to save a lot of time for both our organization and the bike dealers and strengthen customer loyalty. We have created a B2C experience in a B2B portal".

The customer specific pricing is already live and received from the ERP system. So the prices displayed are the correct dealer prices, the marketing team doesn’t have to do any manual work in order to arrange this.

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