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With more than 110 years in the market, REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of technical products in Germany. The family-owned company offers more than 80,000 products and has eight locations nationwide.

REIFF: A close partner to the industry for over 110 years

The story of REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH began 113 years ago in Reutlingen, Germany. On July 1, 1910, Albert Reiff founded his family business under the name Albert Reiff KG, Technische Gummiwaren. Today, this company is known as the REIFF Group and has several subsidiaries, including REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH.

The company offers a wide range of technical products for various industries - from drive technology and occupational safety to operational equipment and sealing technology. Moreover, it provides services such as machining and needs assessment. The company has eight locations in Germany and employs 465 people. In 2022, it generated a turnover of 140 million euros.

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The challenge

Ten years ago, REIFF launched its own online store using a system largely unknown in the industry at the time. Although the launch went smoothly, challenges emerged over time.

REIFF exclusively targets B2B companies, meaning each customer requires a solution tailored to their business needs. In addition, REIFF offers more than 80,000 products in its store, with up to 2,000 variations of a single product.

Therefore, the company needed a flexible and robust shop system capable of storing and processing all product-related information without performance degradation. To maximize business process efficiency, it was also essential to integrate existing systems, such as ERP and PIM, into the shop system.

To meet all these challenges, REIFF chose Shopware 6.

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Shopware 6: A flexible, state-of-the-art shop system

Thanks to its API-first architecture, Shopware 6 positions itself as one of the most innovative ecommerce solutions on the market today. This technology enables easy integration of online and offline systems into REIFF's new shop environment. A wide range of extensions allows the company to add features and tailor the online store to its business needs.

To optimize the user experience, REIFF relies on the Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences. These enable employees to easily create, optimize, and manage various types of content on the website. The result is a high-performance, visually appealing online store. This transition has led to a significant increase in web traffic, reflected in increased lead generation.

Shopware's B2B Suite for complex B2B requirements

Shopware's B2B Suite is the cornerstone of REIFF's new online store. It allows customers to manage their accounts and orders independently. They also gain access to business-relevant documents like invoices, delivery notes, and contracts.

The ability to independently adjust item numbers significantly simplifies the ordering process, especially for reorders and large order volumes. The result is increased customer satisfaction while simultaneously relieving customer service.

The future of REIFF starts today

With the launch of the new online store based on Shopware 6, a new chapter in REIFF's long-standing company history begins. In partnership with the Shopware agency AGIQON, REIFF focuses on continuously developing its online presence, emphasizing the integration of sales and communication channels. As an additional customer benefit, the introduction of a Click & Collect service with self-pickup at the central warehouse is planned.

Overall, REIFF was delighted with the entire project: "The project has been a great success - with the introduction of Shopware 6, REIFF has taken an important step into the future and laid an essential foundation for the further development of the online channel".

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