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RÖSLE unites emotion and commerce

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  • Culinary and barbecue instruments


RÖSLE GmbH & Co. KG is a renowned supplier of high-quality kitchen and barbecue appliances. It sells over 800 different products in more than 30 countries worldwide and generates an annual turnover of around 60 million euros.

RÖSLE: Germany's premier kitchenware innovator

Founded in 1888, the RÖSLE Group is an innovative family business based in the Allgäu region. In the beginning, the company manufactured products and accessories for construction and roof drainage. In 1903, master tinsmith Karl Theodor Rösle expanded the product range to include cookware. Since then, RÖSLE has been known for high-quality and innovative cookware and kitchen utensils, as well as BBQ grills and accessories, which were added to the product range in 2012.

RÖSLE has received several awards for its products, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Design Plus Award and the iF Design Award.

Today, the RÖSLE Group consists of three companies. RÖSLE, GRÖMO and FRANK Bauelemente and has been jointly owned by Henning Klempp since 2017.

Today, RÖSLE GmbH & Co. KG employs around 80 people. The company also has 11 outlets in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, as well as a subsidiary in the USA. The company also sells its wide range of products in more than 30 countries worldwide. RÖSLE generates an annual turnover of more than 60 million euros.

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The transition challenge

RÖSLE's journey with Shopware 5 laid a robust foundation for its online retail presence. Yet, as the digital landscape and RÖSLE's business ambitions evolved, the limitations of Shopware 5 became increasingly apparent. Eccommerce had become a pivotal element of RÖSLE's strategy, demanding a platform that could unlock new potentials and scale with their vision. This realization set the stage for RÖSLE's decisive move to migrate to Shopware 6, a platform heralding advanced capabilities.

The transition period in 2021 was a time of pioneering challenges and opportunities. Shopware 6, having graced the market just a year prior, was a frontier yet to be fully explored. RÖSLE, together with its digital partner LightsOn, faced the intricate task of navigating this new territory. The migration path was dotted with technical hurdles, including the integration of 40 new plugins — a testament to the project's ambition and complexity. The intricate web of RÖSLE's data, woven through various legacy systems, required meticulous consolidation, underscoring the migration's intricate nature. Furthermore, transitioning to Shopware 6 wasn't merely an upgrade; it was a leap into a new digital epoch, marked by a radical shift in system infrastructure.

RÖSLE's vision transcended the technicalities of ecommerce migration. The brand sought to reimagine its online storefront as a space that not only facilitates transactions but also captivates and delights. The mission was clear: to weave emotion into the fabric of the digital shopping experience, transforming the website into a haven for culinary exploration and enjoyment. This ambition required the development team to embrace a fresh strategic mindset, one that places the pleasures and passions of cooking at the heart of RÖSLE's digital narrative.

Shopware 6: Elevating integration with a robust shopping platform

Shopware 6 stands out with its forward-thinking API-first design, streamlining the integration process for an array of applications seamlessly. This strategic choice meant that RÖSLE was spared the extensive customizations typically required, thanks to Shopware's comprehensive suite of built-in shop functionalities. The transition allowed for the smooth incorporation of essential services directly into RÖSLE's digital storefront. Moreover, the seamless connection of vital backend systems, including ERP and PIM, empowered RÖSLE to furnish its customers with the most current and accurate product information. This integration strategy ensured the flawless presentation of product details, from stock levels and pricing to enriched marketing content like descriptions and imagery, maintaining consistency and precision across the board.

Expanding horizons and enhancing accessibility

RÖSLE, with its vision set on global markets, particularly emphasizes the United States as a pivotal area for its product distribution. To cater to this diverse audience, the development team has ingeniously designed an online shop that fluently supports both German and English, with plans to broaden this linguistic range further. In a significant stride towards inclusivity, RÖSLE, in collaboration with its agency LightsOn, has placed a strong emphasis on accessibility. This endeavor is not solely in response to the upcoming mandate requiring European online retailers to ensure full accessibility by July 2025; it's a testament to RÖSLE's dedication to creating a universally welcoming and seamless shopping experience. This commitment ensures that customers, regardless of the device they use, can navigate the webshop with ease. As a testament to these efforts, both the German and US RÖSLE online shops now adhere to the standards of web accessibility. Impressively, the German site has also been awarded the Trusted Shops certification.

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Elevating ecommerce excellence: RÖSLE's triumph with Shopware 6

RÖSLE's strategic leap to Shopware 6 marked the beginning of a new era, transforming its online presence into a beacon of modernity, innovation, and aesthetic allure. The platform's overhaul introduced an engaging UX design and compelling product showcases, coupled with a richly curated world of recipes that not only delight but also inspire prolonged visitor interactions. The introduction of cross-selling strategies and digital gift vouchers has opened novel pathways for boosting RÖSLE's revenue streams.

This remarkable transformation culminated in a prestigious accolade, as RÖSLE, alongside LightsOn, was honored with the German Design Award 2024. The award celebrated their focus on crafting a shopping journey that goes beyond transactions to evoke deep emotional connections, highlighted by masterfully designed theme and recipe worlds, intuitive navigation, and a refined corporate identity. All of these accomplishments were achieved through Shopware 6.

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