Alumio – All-in-One Integration Platform for Digital Commerce

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Alumio – All-in-One Integration Platform for Digital Commerce


Alumio iPaaS - Integration Platform for Commerce Connectivity

Create, manage and monitor software integrations in one central integration platform. Send and receive data between web services of third-party software, configured via the graphical user interface or done by code.

Alumio iPaaS for end-users and developers


Alumio’ iPaaS is built for both end-users and developers. In addition to offering useful functions to resubmit tasks and monitor processes, the platform is based on the latest technologies with the greatest flexibility for developers. This allows you to work with it yourself and to deploy your developing party to do and manage the integrations.

  • Built your integrations 4 times faster
  • All integrations visible in one place
  • 360° logging and monitoring features
  • No custom code or plugins in your software
  • Based on the most modern technologies

Alumio for Shopware agencies:

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Alumio Marketplace for Shopware integrations

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Alumio's Partners

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Alumio’s PIM integrations

Broaden your IT landscape with Alumio's PIM Connectors;

- Shopware to Akeneo:

- Shopware to Pimcore:
- Showpare to InRiver:

Alumio SAP or Microsoft Integrations

Broaden your IT landscape with Alumio's ERP Connectors;

Alumio iPaaS

Alumio offers 'best in class' integration solutions, iPaaS and Native Connectors, for digital commerce to seamlessly integrate systems. We take out the pain of data silos that hold companies back from growing. Moreover, our solutions remove the pain of inflexible and unmaintainable hand-crafted integration code that team members spend time deciphering day after day.


 Alumio turns these pain points into opportunities for your company. Now, your business can grow in a secure and manageable way. We digitalize your company and make it API-led and future-ready.


 Alumio also offers an iPaaS integration solution. This solution not only connects your ERP with the Shopware eCommerce platform but also with all your other applications in your IT landscape. Now, your integrations are visible in one platform. And from there, you can connect and change any kind of software.

  • Ready to digitalize and future proof
  • Time and cost-saving
  • Shorten the "time-to-market"
  • Full control over all integrations
  • Effortlessly add and/or change new software
  • Integrations and data exchange in accordance with privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR)
  • Notifications when hiccups occur

 Alumio’s Native Connectors for SAP and Microsoft


In addition to the iPaaS, Alumio also offers native connectors for SAP and Microsoft, which is a plug-in piece of software that enables 22 pre-defined web services including B2B specific pricing and checkout real-time data, as well as an integration template to Shopware.


 With these native connectors, you can map Shopware data to your ERP. This solves many time-consuming challenges, including the creation of all the web services needed for B2B and B2B eCommerce in Shopware.


 How Native Connectors saves you time and money

  • No need for Microsoft or SAP consultants to create web services within the ERP manually
  • Quickly creating 22 pre-defined web services within the ERP
  • Pre-built templates for Native ERP Connector to Shopware




  • Native Partner-approved software which is installed in Microsoft or in SAP
  • Suitable for Microsoft Dynamics AX, 365 Finance and Operations and SAP ECC, R/3 and S/4HANA
  • B2B and B2C compatible
  • Ready to use 22 pre-configured web services in the ERP
  • Configurations to map data from the ERP to Shopware