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How to influence the Shopware roadmap

How to influence the Shopware roadmap

Feature development is always a challenge when trying to build software with broad market usability. At Shopware, we strive to build features that cover a multitude of business cases while keeping the software extendable and composable.

We want our team dedicated to developing features that make Shopware a modern, world-class ecommerce system, including keeping up with market trends such as AI in ecommerce. We want to keep our code as clean and intentional as possible to ensure Shopware’s future maintainability. For more information, refer to our earlier blog post: Shopware 5 – how it continues.

In order to easily collect and evaluate all of your ideas, we have introduced a new platform – feedback.shopware.com. It has been released in beta for a little while now, but we are proud to announce its formal release and encourage you to use it! Simply enter your ideas for features you’d like to see in Shopware and your ideas may well end up on our roadmap! 

How it works

We want to hear all your ideas, so we’ve tried to make this as simple as possible. Just describe your business objective and what you cannot do with the current functionality. Be as precise as you can be. You don’t have to solution how it should work, nor do you even have to put it in the form of a user story. For reference this is a great example of what we’re looking for: Shop metrics & statistics

Before submitting your idea, we recommend searching to see if the same idea was already submitted. If so, please comment and vote for the existing entry to help us get a sense of how common the problem is so we can prioritize appropriately. 

Differentiation from the Issue Tracker 

To be clear, this is not a place for logging bugs. By definition, a software bug is an unexpected behavior or a result that is different than described in the documentation. These bugs belong to the Issue Tracker. Any bugs reported on feedback.shopware.com will be deleted with a link to the appropriate bug entry. If you have questions on whether what you’re experiencing is a bug or a gap in the functionality, we recommend asking the community in our Community Slack

A gold mine for extension developers 

Feedback.shopware.com is not just helpful to Shopware, it can also be a gold mine for extension developers. While Shopware is evaluating the comments and votes to determine what should be built into our core, there will be ideas that we will not build. Eagle-eyed extension developers might take these ideas and build them out into their own plugins or apps!


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