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Shopware and AI – our new AI feature for your business

Shopware and AI – our new AI feature for your business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on everyone's lips right now. What is Shopware planning in this field? Learn more here and try out the first AI Shopware feature.

Table of contents:

  1. AI in the spotlight: Why everyone is talking about artificial intelligence

  2. Shopware AI ecommerce – why we rely on artificial intelligence

  3. New feature: Shopware's AI assistant for product descriptions

AI in the spotlight: Why everyone is talking about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making headlines in all media. This is mainly thanks to the innovation of ChatGPT. According to a recent study by investment bank UBS, it is already the fastest-growing application of all time. The Guardian reports that just two months after its release, it had more than 100 million unique visitors. By comparison, it took Instagram two years to achieve this. [1] 

faszination ChatGTP EN

Image source: ChatGPT, February 2023. [2]

What makes ChatGPT special is that it can interact with users in a human-like way and in real-time, demonstrating significant progress in AI natural language processing.

ChatGPT is just one example of the rapid progress in artificial intelligence (especially in the area of generative AI), and has contributed to the extreme interest in this topic. A look at Google Trends shows that search queries have skyrocketed globally in the past month.

Worldwide interest over the last 5 years:

google trends AI 2023 EN

Image source: Google Trends, February 2023. [3]

It can be assumed that the topic of AI is just getting started. Market research firm IDC expects the global AI market to reach over half a trillion US dollars by 2024, and Precedence Research predicts growth to over 1.5 trillion US dollars by 2030. [4] The potential and associated benefits are enormous. AI tools like ChatGPT can simplify everyday life for users in multiple ways, both for personal and professional purposes.

Here are a few examples:

  • Research and information retrieval

  • Text generation based on keywords

  • Text optimization with respect to various aspects

  • Summarizing or shortening existing content

  • Translations and transcreations

  • Programming and code analysis

For ecommerce merchants and marketers, artificial intelligence offers numerous opportunities to significantly change the way they do business. Many tasks will fade into the background because they no longer need to be performed by humans. The focus will be more on requirements engineering and content verification. This is also expected to increase efficiency, leaving more time for strategic and directional activities.

Shopware AI ecommerce – why we rely on artificial intelligence

At Shopware, we are always looking for the most promising innovations and want to make them available to our customers as quickly as possible. We are already working hard to develop solutions for various sub-areas of Shopware that allow merchants to benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

"AI will massively change ecommerce as we know it today. Therefore, we will continuously incorporate new AI-driven features into our product at high speed."

Moritz Naczenski, Director Product Discovery at Shopware

In the area of text creation, we have already incorporated the first AI-driven Shopware feature into the product.

New feature: Shopware's AI Copilot for product descriptions

With the Shopware version released today, the AI Copilot for product descriptions is available. Merchants can now have product descriptions generated directly in the Shopware administration and use them for their products with just a few clicks. Just enter keywords, click on "generate" – and receive a formulated product description that you can simply adopt or adapt.

The text is generated by an artificial intelligence (currently ChatGPT). However, if it makes sense, switching to an alternative AI is possible. In any case, Shopware is connected to an AI that directly supports in the administration.

AI-assistant for product descriptions

These are the biggest advantages:

Create product descriptions quickly, easily, and save time

With the description assistant, you can create sales-driven product descriptions on the fly – directly in the administration. There is no need to open a new tab or sign up for an AI tool, and there are no additional costs. Instead, you can get started right away and save valuable time. When you add up the time savings for all your products that require a product description, it is enormous.

Increase the quality of your product descriptions and sell more

Product descriptions have an essential influence on your success – and that on multiple levels. In any case, it is recommended not to use the manufacturer's product description. Instead, create a unique product description that is not only more convincing for your customers but also for search engines. Create an informative, well-ranking, and audience-tailored product description based on the keywords that are important to you. This will improve your reach, increase your conversion rate, and reduce your return rate.

Tip: If another merchant chooses the same keywords as you, they may receive the same product description as you. Therefore, choose your keywords carefully or adjust the product description afterward if you want to increase its uniqueness. Learn more tips for sales-boosting product descriptions here.

Now available in the new Shopware version

Do you want to try the AI Copilot for product descriptions now? Then download the latest Shopware version. The new feature is available for all commercial plans (Shopware Rise or higher). Activate, if not already done, Shopware Commercial to unlock the new feature.

For more information, watch the video to see how the feature works or take a look at the documentation for the AI Copilot for product descriptions.

ℹ️ Update: More AI-powered Shopware features to explore

In the meantime, Shopware has released many more handy AI features - bundled under the name AI Copilot. In the article Shopware AI Copilot: These are the new AI features you will find an overview of the features and their benefits. Be sure to check it out!


Difference between ML and AI

Machine learning (ML) refers to the ability of computer programs to learn from experience or data without being explicitly programmed. It is a specific method for achieving artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer programs or systems that can perform tasks that are typically reserved for human intelligence. It is a general term that encompasses various technologies, methods, and applications.

ML is therefore a subfield of AI and serves as a tool for realizing AI. However, AI can also use other methods and technologies to perform complex tasks that resemble human intelligence.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that is capable of generating new data or content derived from an existing dataset or template. Unlike other types of artificial intelligence, which are designed to classify, predict, or optimize existing data, generative AI aims to create new content that resembles the original dataset.

Generative AI can be based on various technologies, including neural networks, machine learning models, deep learning models, and others. It can be used for a variety of applications, including image and video editing, speech generation, text generation, and even creative art.

An important feature of generative AI is that it is capable of interpreting fuzzy or incomplete data and generating new data that resembles the original dataset.

Generative AI is also considered one of the most promising technologies for advancing the field of artificial intelligence. As generative AI technologies continue to evolve, new applications and services can be created that rely on a combination of human and artificial intelligence.



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