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Shopware 6 release news: discover the new features in August 2023

Shopware 6 release news: discover the new features in August 2023

Discover a range of new functionalities and improvements that await you in this release of Shopware Notably, a subscription function, quick orders for the new B2B components, and increased flexibility in customer salutations. Dive deeper into the details in the relevant sections and in our release video!


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The following changes apply to the new version in the Community Edition and all commercial plans (Shopware Rise, Evolve, Beyond).

New condition for Rule & Flow Builder - check if documents have already been created

The Shopware Rule Builder, in combination with the Flow Builder, is a powerful tool that allows you to define rules and automate individual business processes. With various conditions, you can assess different states and trigger automated responses. Now, to expand your capabilities even further, we've introduced a brand-new condition.

Whether it's an invoice, delivery note, or shipping information, you can now verify how many documents of a specific type have been generated for an order. Picture creating an automated process that verifies whether an invoice has been created and dispatched before sending a payment reminder to the customer. With this latest rule condition, you can effortlessly implement such scenarios and more.

new rule condition for documents

More inclusivity and flexibility in customer registration – salutation is now optional

In the realm of ecommerce, ensuring that every customer feels valued and addressed is of utmost importance. That's why we've introduced a significant update to make your online store more inclusive.


Previously, customers were required to provide a salutation ("Mr.," "Mrs.," etc.) during registration or ordering. Merchants were able to add various salutations for selection. However, not everyone wants to commit to a specific salutation or finds a suitable one from the options provided.

This is why a salutation is now optional and no longer mandatory for customers when registering in a Shopware store. The exception is when you, as the merchant, choose to define it in your shop settings.

This forward-thinking change aligns with international standards, giving you more flexibility and empowering you to create a truly diverse and welcoming shopping experience for all.

optional salutation new customer

Further enhancements

The latest versions come with even more small improvements and optimizations. If you want to explore these changes in detail, the best way is to check out the changelog.

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In this video, Rachel shows you the new features of Shopware

Release news Developer news clean blue

Added generics to EntityRepository and EntitySearchResult

We added generics to EntityRepository and EntitySearchResult. With this feature, it is more comfortable to work with your IDE (better auto-completion), but you also achieve better type safety when working with tools like PHPStan or Psalm.

Fixed extending document templates with sw_extends

We fixed NEXT-26513, so sw_extends works again when extending document templates. In other words: it is possible again to extend generic document headers instead of overwriting them once for any document type.

Added configuration to disable fine-grained caches

A configuration to disable Shopware fine-grained caches was added. With this, the whole cache instead of just config changes can be cleared and hence, may increase the performance massively. Please also see the documentation about disabling fine-grained caching to learn how to use this feature.

Trusted proxies now configurable with normal Symfony settings

How to configure Shopware to work behind a load balancer or a reverse proxy? Trusted Proxies can now be configured utilizing the regular Symfony configuration. This feature now works out of the box in Shopware, as it was not easy before to configure. 😉

Loosen composer constraints

We loosened constraints in the composer to allow the installation of minor updates of some composer packages. This makes it easier to install, for example, specific versions of security updates or 3rd party packages. See this commit for more information.

Release news Commercial feature & service news clean blue

This is about features that are not included in the Community Edition. Take a look at our overview to compare the different Shopware plans and activate the Shopware Commercial extension to use the commercial features.

Strengthen your customer loyalty with Shopware Subscriptions

Exciting news for Shopware Beyond users – subscriptions are now up for grabs! By offering products via subscriptions, you can boost your sales. Customers will receive their chosen products at regular intervals, without the hassle of manually placing orders each time. What's more, you have the freedom to configure the subscription terms as per your preferences. For more in-depth information, take a look at our blog post Feature focus: Subscriptions.

subscription frontend coffee-1720x1000-px

Introducing the first feature of B2B Components: Empower your business clients with quick ordering

During the Shopware Community Day in May, we unveiled the B2B Components – a feature set designed to enhance B2B commerce, which we are continuously expanding. The purpose behind this initiative is to revamp the current B2B Suite, both technically and in terms of content. Instead of opting for a one-size-fits-all package, merchants will have the flexibility to choose and combine various components, tailored precisely to their specific needs.

Now available for Shopware Evolve and Shopware Beyond, the first component enables customers to place quick orders:

  • by uploading a CSV file, or

  • by entering product numbers.

This feature allows B2B customers to streamline their ordering process, providing significant value in a B2B context where recurring and comprehensive orders are commonplace.

This month, we will publish a comprehensive blog post about the B2B Components, highlighting the distinctions from the B2B Suite and showcasing the forthcoming features. Stay tuned!

b2b components & b2b suite overview
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We wish you lots of fun and success with all the improvements and new features of the latest version. Update now

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We extend our heartfelt thanks to all GitHub contributors for their pull requests that have been incorporated into this version. 💙

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