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Shopware 6 release news: discover the new features in July 2023

Shopware 6 release news: discover the new features in July 2023

In July we've released several Shopware versions: from Shopware to As always, we are happy to introduce you to the most significant advancements in our release news. This month, we showcase new possibilities for the Flow Builder, an enhanced multi-inventory feature, and many more. Dive deeper into the details in the relevant sections and in our release video!


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The following changes apply to the new version in the Community Edition and all commercial plans (Shopware Rise, Evolve, Beyond).

Embedding YouTube videos in compliance with data protection regulations

Embedding YouTube videos into your website is a great way to engage your customers with video content while benefiting from the advantage of reducing server load. However, it's important to remember that data is transmitted to YouTube. Therefore, it’s necessary to get the consent of your website visitors to comply with the privacy policy. Using the cookie banner, visitors can give their consent so that the embedded YouTube videos can be loaded and transmitted. By following this procedure, you can be sure that you are legally compliant when it comes to data protection.

Cookie preferences

Now available: Disable HTML Sanitizer as required

What is the HTML Sanitizer?

With Shopware 6.5, we introduced a new feature called HTML Sanitizer. This helps improve the security, reliability, and usability of the editor by removing unsafe HTML code. The sanitizer also cleans up styles and attributes to ensure consistent and correct rendering of the code across different platforms and browsers.

Why disable the HTML Sanitizer?

We received valuable feedback from our users through various channels. One common request is the ability to disable the HTML Sanitizer for example because the sanitize feature currently removes custom styling from blocks in Shopping Experiences.

We've responded to the feedback you've given us: From now on, developers can completely disable the sanitizer via a flag in the YAML config. Read more about the options and our recommendations here: To the HTML Sanitizer Tutorial.

Good to know: Product feedback pays off!

In fact, the suggestion to add an option to disable the HTML Sanitizer received 31 votes from the community within just two weeks. We wasted no time and put the suggestion into action. This shows how valuable your feedback on the product is and how your input can really make a difference. Visit our feedback portal if you've further ideas for us and would like to change something.

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New: Combine events from apps with the Flow Bilder

We added one more valuable feature to the Flow Builder. Because we know that not every step of a customer journey is owned by Shopware, you can now use the app system to add your own triggers to the Flow Builder.

So, when an event occurs in another system, the Flow Builder can now react accordingly. This could be an event from an order management or shipping system, an interaction with social media, or your newsletter tool. This expands your range of actions even further!

Custom flows

Good to know: The Adaptive Flows concept

Over the past year, we have continuously expanded the Flow Builder, and with this new addition, we complete our Adaptive Flows approach. The goal is to enable merchants to make optimal use of the Flow Builder and customize it to their use cases. You can now use the Flow Builder:

  • To use flows exclusively within Shopware

  • To create flows that start with an event in Shopware and interact with third-party systems via webhooks

  • To create flows that start with an event in a third-party system and trigger a flow within Shopware

With these options at your disposal, there are numerous ways to leverage the Flow Builder to drive your business forward.

Moritz Naczenski, Director of Product Discovery at Shopware, provides a more detailed explanation of the Adaptive Flows concept in his article, Unlocking the Power of Commerce Automation: Discover Adaptive Flows with Shopware’s Flow Builder. Learn how to further tailor flows to your specific needs and how this ties into automation and our customer promises.

Further enhancements

The latest versions come with even more additions, such as small technical improvements or usability optimizations. If you want to explore these changes in detail, the best way is to check out the changelog.

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In this video, Rachel shows you the new features of Shopware,, and and gives you valuable tips and tricks.

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Regarding the earlier mentioned enhancement of the Flow Builder with triggers from the app system, we highly recommend our developer documentation: Add custom flow trigger from app system. In this guide, you'll learn how to utilize the app system and define custom flow triggers.

To stay informed about all other updates, particularly relevant for developers, you can follow our announcement on GitHub or check out the changelog.

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This is about features that are not included in the Community Edition. Take a look at our overview to compare the different Shopware plans and activate the Shopware Commercial extension to use the commercial features.

Use the Flow Builder for return status updates

Elevate your returns management with the Flow Builder. Now, you've the ability to keep both your customers and employees informed about any changes in return statuses for example through email notifications. We've created relevant triggers like "Return created" and "Status change," along with corresponding email templates and status transition flows, to facilitate this process. Take advantage of these tools to enhance your team's return workflows and provide top-notch return services to your customers.

  • Automation: Seamlessly notify your customers and employees about return statuses or status changes, fostering transparency and better service.

  • Email templates: Personalize your notifications to perfectly align with your requirements, ensuring effective communication for your customers and team.

  • Flow Builder: Easily customize the flow within the Flow Builder to tailor it precisely to your preferences and processes, with just a few clicks.

Return management is available in Shopware Rise, Evolve, and Beyond. Explore our plans and pricing overview to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Return management flow

Improved multi-inventory

With multi-Inventory, you can manage multiple warehouses and inventory levels, enabling faster deliveries. We've revamped and enhanced this feature in various aspects. It is now easier for developers to extend its functionality and it runs smoother and faster, even with vast product quantities.

Multi-inventory is exclusively available for Shopware Beyond. Take a look at our plans and pricing overview for more details.

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We wish you lots of fun and success with all the improvements and new features of the latest version.

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We extend our heartfelt thanks to all GitHub contributors for their pull requests that have been incorporated into the recent versions. 💙

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