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Shopware 6 release news: discover the new features in September 2023

Shopware 6 release news: discover the new features in September 2023

September kicks off with two new releases, bringing us Shopware version and This latest updates not only enhance your subscription capabilities but also introduce a Health-Check API to help monitor your online store availability.

Dive deeper into the details in the relevant sections and in our release video!


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The following changes apply to the new version in the Community Edition and all commercial plans (Shopware Rise, Evolve, Beyond).

New Health Check API: Ensure store availability quickly and reliably

Keeping your online store up and running is more than a necessity – it's the backbone of your success and the key to keeping your customers happy. That's why we're introducing the Health Check API. With this specialized API endpoint, you can now have monitoring tools keep tabs on your store's availability around the clock.


This feature is designed to empower Shopware agencies, store owners, and hosting providers with greater control, enhanced security, and rapid response capabilities. Imagine a scenario where your store faces an issue during off-hours. With a monitoring tool leveraging our new Health Check API, you'll be the first to know and the quickest to act.

Want to get started? Check out our developer documentation on the Health Check API to learn how to set up your own monitoring system.

Further enhancements

The latest version comes with even more small improvements and optimizations. If you want to explore these changes in detail, the best way is to check out the changelog.

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In this video Patrick shows you the new features of Shopware

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With this Release, we publish a couple of interesting changes which might be especially interesting for developers:

  • Direct Storefront/Store-API communication to Appsystem Backend (docs)

  • New PHP Unit Stubs for plugin testing

  • Improved asset:install for CI/CD

  • Fixed PHP 8.2 deprecations

  • Health Check API (see above)

  • Scheduled Task Improvments (pull request)

For more information, please read the Github Discussions.

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This is about features that are not included in the Community Edition. Take a look at our overview to compare the different Shopware plans and activate the Shopware Commercial extension to use the commercial features.

New: Let customers manage their subscriptions on their own

Last month, we unveiled our game-changing Shopware Subscriptions, designed to skyrocket your customer loyalty, revenue, and overall Customer Lifetime Value. Now, we're taking it a step further with our latest update: a self-service for subscriptions.

What does this mean for you? Your customers now have the freedom to manage their own subscriptions – whether it's viewing details, hitting pause on a delivery, or even canceling – right from their online account. It's user-friendly and straightforward.

Shopware Abonnements

By offering this new option, you provide your customers with more flexibility and control while simultaneously promoting customer satisfaction.

Please note: This feature is an exclusive part of our "Subscriptions" feature, available only in the Beyond Plan. Want to dive deeper? Check out our Feature Focus blog post all about Shopware Subscriptions.

News about Advanced Search 2.0 feature

The Advanced Search is a licensed feature of the Shopware Commercial Package and will be available for Evolve and Beyond plans. With Shopware 6.5 we have rewritten the Advanced Search feature and replaced it with a completely redesigned version 2.0 and we are still working on it.

As some of you eagle-eyed code-workers may have noticed, the new version was already shipped with Shopware, hidden behind a feature flag. However, our “definition of done” is always to have a feature properly documented to the best of our knowledge and belief, and available from now on: The Advanced Search 2.0 documentation.

Please note that not all features are available yet. That means boosting, actions and synonyms are not yet available. But, as mentioned before, we are working on it and we will deliver the missing features within the next few months in the next releases.

For questions or comments, please join us on our Community Slack. Hope to see you there soon!

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We wish you lots of fun and success with all the improvements and new features of the latest version.

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We extend our heartfelt thanks to all GitHub contributors for their pull requests that have been incorporated into this version. 💙

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