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Shopware and the Google consent manager v2

Shopware and the Google consent manager v2

If you are using Shopware and Google Analytics, you might need to act before March 1st, 2024 to ensure that Google Analytics keeps working. 

The short version: The Google API will change, and to continue using the services, changes in Shopware are required. 

You either update to Shopware version or later, or you can install an extension that brings these changes to older Shopware versions. The oldest version supported by the extension is Shopware 6.4.0, earlier versions need to be patched manually. 

Google's API changes: Who is affected by this? 

This change in the Google API only affects shops that use the default consent manager and Google Analytics functionality that comes with Shopware

If you use third-party implementations for consent management and analytics, you do not need to update Shopware or install the extension provided below, the necessary changes are provided by the extension manufacturer. 

Ways to implement the necessary changes within Shopware

  • Update to at least Shopware version 

  • Install the extension provided by Shopware through ShopwareLabs 

  • Read, understand and manually implement the patch yourself 

Applying the patch manually should be avoided and is only mentioned as a last resort in case you are on a version of Shopware older than 6.4.0, the patch also most likely needs to be reworked in that case and is just for reference. 

Watch our video for more information about Shopware and the Google Consent Manager update

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Björn Meyer, the Engineering Lead for Frontends/Storefront at Shopware, to gain more insights into Google Analytics, the Google Consent Manager, and Shopware.

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