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Ready and adaptable: Shopware B2B Components for tailored B2B shops

Ready and adaptable: Shopware B2B Components for tailored B2B shops

Mid-2023 marked the unveiling of our latest B2B commerce innovation, the B2B Components. This modular framework features a range of customizable B2B functionalities, enabling merchants to tailor each element to their specific needs, with granular configuration capabilities down to individual users and roles. Seamlessly integrated into Shopware 6, these components are not only fully compatible with existing features like the Flow and Rule Builder but also reinforce our commitment to an API-first and Headless Commerce strategy. The majority of the B2B Components are accessible starting with the Shopware Evolve Plan.

If you're a B2B merchant already utilizing our Shopware B2B Suite, currently available as a plugin alternative to the B2B Components, you might be contemplating the switch. You may wonder about the potential benefits and whether the B2B Components are sufficiently mature for the market. To address this, the Shopware B2B Components come equipped with an extensive set of features, are accessible to all Shopware Evolve & Beyond Plan users, and represent a viable and tested alternative to the B2B Suite.

Discover the benefits of the B2B Components, understand the current scope of their B2B functionalities, and learn about the planned expansions for 2024 in this blog post.

B2B Commerce: The new powerhouse of global online trading

Experiencing a remarkable boom, B2B online commerce is rapidly emerging as a key player in today’s globalized economic landscape. Forecasts from Forrester indicate a meteoric rise in the US B2B ecommerce market, which, after reaching a staggering $1.7 trillion in 2021, is expected to soar beyond $2 trillion in 2023, and hit the $3 trillion mark by 2027. This impressive trajectory reflects an annual growth rate of 10.7% over five years. Furthermore, by 2027, B2B ecommerce is poised to account for 24% of the entire US B2B market.

The digital revolution significantly propels this growth. Advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have catalyzed the expansion of the B2B commerce sector more than ever. Concurrently, the rise of online marketplaces, such as Amazon, tailoring services for B2B transactions, opens new avenues for merchants.

2023 was a year of challenges, but 2024 is set to be a year of recovery and growth for ecommerce. With the US gross domestic product expected to grow between 1.6% and 2% this year, coupled with an ongoing shift towards digital transaction modes in business, the B2B sector is well-positioned to benefit significantly from these changes.

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Streamlining growth with modular B2B features

This year presents excellent opportunities for B2B merchants seeking to advance their online business. A vital factor in this endeavor is undoubtedly selecting the appropriate B2B commerce platform, which should effectively represent B2B sales structures and processes.

Enter the Shopware B2B Components. As an essential part of the Shopware 6 core, they've been available to Shopware customers on the Evolve and Beyond plan since mid-2023, offering a rich set of features that can be modularly customized.

Key components ready for immediate use include 'B2B Quick Order Options,' 'B2B Employee Management', 'B2B Quote Management and 'B2B Approval Rules & Rights Management'. Additionally, intensive development is ongoing for further enhancements like 'B2B Order Lists', as well as functionalities such as 'Pay on Credit'. Further details on these developments will be discussed later in this article.

Here is an overview of the key benefits of Shopware B2B Components:

  • Tailored B2B solutions for all business sizes: Whether you are just introducing B2B sales to your online shop or already a veteran in B2B commerce, the Shopware B2B Components allow you to select and custom-configure features that best fit your and your team’s unique needs.

  • Accurate representation of B2B sales structures: B2B market complexity is distinct from B2C sales, often involving intricate sales hierarchies and distributors serving as intermediaries between manufacturers and the market. The B2B Components effectively replicate these structures and offer granular rights and role management for precise control.

  • Seamless integration with core Shopware 6 functions: As a fundamental part of the Shopware 6 Core, the B2B Components align seamlessly with key functionalities like the Flow and Rule Builder, enabling streamlined process automation.

  • Expansion possibilities within an API-first framework: Shopware 6’s APIs extend to the B2B Components, simplifying customization and extensions through external developers. This feature facilitates easier integration with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, or PIM. Additionally, the B2B Components are compatible with Shopware 6's Headless Commerce architecture.

  • Versatile hosting options: Shopware 6 offers diverse hosting solutions, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Self-hosting (on-premise), all applicable to the B2B Components.

  • Exclusive B2B features for Shopware Evolve & Beyond clients: We are committed to continually advancing the B2B Components, with upcoming features that will be available first or exclusively to Shopware Evolve & Beyond users. This approach ensures that the merchant's tech infrastructure remains cutting-edge and new components maintain consistent compatibility.

Overview: Market readiness of Shopware's B2B Components

Below, we provide a rundown of each component and their functionalities within our modular B2B solution, emphasizing their current developmental stage and market readiness.

1) B2B Quick Order Options

  • Objective: Facilitating a variety of B2B-specific ordering processes

  • Features: Streamlined ordering through product number input and file uploads

  • Current status: Market-ready and operational since mid-2023

2) B2B Employee Management

  • Objective: Crafting efficient structures using workflows, rights, and role management

  • Features: Inclusion of business partners, customization of employee accounts, comprehensive rights and role management, and structured approval processes for orders

  • Current status: Market-ready and operational since late 2023

3) B2B Quote Management

  • Objective: Streamlining quotation creation and negotiation processes

  • Features: Ability to generate quotes from shopping carts, direct handling of customer queries within Shopware, facilitated negotiation process, seamless conversion of quotes to orders, integrated payment processing

  • Current status: Market-ready and operational since late 2023

B2B Components approval rules and right management

4) B2B Approval Rules & Rights Management   

  • Objective: Set up differentiated approval workflows and tailor user-level permissions for accessing B2B functionalities

  • Features: User roles and workflow approvals

  • Current status: Market-ready and operational since early 2024

5) B2B Order Lists

  • Objective: Development of collaborative order lists shared among stakeholders

  • Features: Collective editing of order lists by multiple company members

  • Current status: In the development phase, with an anticipated release in 2024

B2B Components order lists

For in-depth insights into the currently available B2B Components and their upcoming expansions, refer to our comprehensive blog post. Furthermore, staying updated with the Shopware roadmap can offer a closer look at the progress of individual feature developments. Also, we have recently released an updated landing page that clearly outlines the differences between the B2B Suite and B2B Components, providing valuable guidance in understanding their unique features and benefits.

Conclusion: Elevate your B2B commerce with Shopware's B2B Components

The essence of Shopware's B2B Components can be distilled into offering enhanced flexibility for your B2B growth objectives. Stefan Dillage, who oversees the B2B Components at Shopware, encapsulates this vision:

“With the B2B Components we shift to a more flexible approach and focus on making adaptability easily possible for each of them.”

– Stefan Dillage, Product Manager for Shopware Features

Since their introduction in mid-2023, these modular tools have empowered B2B merchants to enrich their Shopware 6 shops with sophisticated and ready-for-market B2B functionalities. The flexibility inherent in the modules released thus far enables the precise and effective mapping of B2B sales structures and processes through the Shopware ecommerce platform.

These integrated, 'select-as-you-need' B2B tools in Shopware 6 simplify the complexities inherent in modern B2B commerce, allowing merchants to direct their full attention towards achieving ambitious growth targets.

Seek expert guidance on the B2B Components!

Vanessa Brauch

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