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Shopware Community Digest January '23

Shopware Community Digest January '23

Winter is not gone completely, but days are already getting longer. People have invested a lot of time in creating new great contributions about Shopware for the community, which we are very happy to share and present. Big applause and thanks to all active community members for that. Donate likes, shares, stars or share the content with others, if you like it.

You might think, that the quantity of contributions did decrease, but please keep in mind, that this is the first monthly edition of the community digest. Before we only have summarized everything in two months iterations. Based on that the next digest will be presented beginning of march.

We are also very happy about the massive attendance of a lot of community members on our boostday #9 “Check the stack” on the 20. January 2023. Almost 50 open questions have been answered. Thanks to all attendees for their outstanding work.

If we missed any content, you might drop us an email at in the future, in case you created something, which would be interesting for other developers as well.

Recent Blog Post

Managing Translations in Shopware 6 with PHPUnuhi by Christian Dangl

The Shopware 6 Interfaces Guide by EXWE

Shopware 6 – Writing a simple app by Ninja Army (Joschi)

Shopware 6 Apps by Ninja Army (Joschi)

Shopware vs Magento 2 Performance Testing in 2023 by dinarys

Official PWA for Shopware 6: How to make Your Customers Go WOW in 2023 by dinarys

What is Shopware by Talk Commerce

Brands Take the Wheel: Why the Next Industrial Revolution will be AI-Driven by retailtouchpoints

Web Font Optimization – Introduction by

Web Font Optimization – Variable fonts by

Web Font Optimization – Subsetting Fonts by

How to Install Shopware on Ubuntu 22.04 by RoseHosting

A Week of Symfony #838 by Symfony

Newsletter extensions for Shopware: the best of the best! by Shop Studio

Optimize Shopware for Google Images search by Shop Studio

Shopware: Landingpage outside of Shopware and “add to cart” by winkelwagen

Shopware and Pimcore Combined: Effective Multichannel Sales by Tandemite

A comprehensive comparison of eCommerce platforms: Shopware vs Sylius vs OroCommerce by BitBag

Shopware SEO: what you need to consider by SEOKRATIE (german)

Best 10 podcast episodes for web developers 2022 by Nils Langner (german)

Shopware 6, API-First and Headless Commerce by communicode (german)

The big Shopware 6 SEO guide: 12 tips for a better ranking by ATLOSS (german)

Information about Shopware technologies by solution25 (german)

Shopware 6.5 by Matthias Zeis (german)

Remarkable code contributions

World first search engine for Shopware 6 events by uniqueweb

Tiny Google Sitemap for Shopware by TmCrafz

Upcoming Community Events

21.02.2023 Shopware Meetup Bremen / Bremen - Germany

22.02.2023 Shopware Meetup Munich / Munich - Germany

23.02.2023 Shopware Meetup Rhine-Main / Bad Nauheim - Germany

22.-24.03.2023 Hackathon in Cologne / Cologne - Germany

24.-26.03.2023 Shopware Community Unconference / Cologne - Germany

25.05.2023 Shopware Community Day / Duisburg - Germany

01.09.2023 E-Commerce BBQ 2023 / Bielefeld - Germany

Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence

23.02.2023 E-commerce Expo 2023 / Berlin - Germany

27.02.-02.03.2023 eTail Palm Springs 2023 / Palm Springs - USA

26.-29.03.2023 Shoptalk US / Las Vegas - USA

19.-20.03.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht - Netherlands

17.-18.05.2023 Netcomm Forum / Milan - Italy

31.08.2023 Multichannelday / Cologne - Germany


Shopware Ecommerce Platform Strategy Update & Roadmap review 2023 by RE:PLATFORM

How to: Cancel Plugin & App Subscriptions – Shopware 6 Tutorial by Shop Studio

What´s new in Shopware 6.5? by basecom (german)


#29 Shopware agency market perspective with Edin Dedagic @WEBversiert by shopwareunplugged

Shopware On Their Platform Strategy and Roadmap by RE:PLATFORM

Content created by Shopware

Feature focus: customer-specific pricing

The Shopware Premium Theme "Emporium"

The Shopware Premium Theme "Elle"

The Shopware Premium Theme "Shape"

The Shopware Premium Theme “Showroom”

Devenv documentation

Digital Sales Rooms (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Digital Sales Rooms (Shopware 6 Tutorial) (german)

The Migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 (Tutorial EN)

Die Migration von Shopware 5 zu Shopware 6 (Tutorial DE) (german)

Dear community members, there is one thing we don't really understand. We have an extremely popular Shopware Developer Slack channel with currently almost 6,800 members. In contrast, there are only just under 2,100 followers on our Shopware Developer Twitter account. And that's despite the fact that we regularly report red-hot information via Twitter. Therefore, it would be great if you follow us on Twitter as well. We are looking forward to see you there.

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