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The Shopware Premium Theme "Emporium"

The Shopware Premium Theme "Emporium"

With the fifth Shopware Premium Theme you can create your own virtual commerce and marketplace. In terms of the visual design, the motto for this theme was ‘less is more’. In this blog article, you can find all the relevant details about the Emporium theme.

Your online store – your virtual marketplace with Shopware

The Emporium theme features a modern and minimalistic design, while the theme's subtle and uncluttered look contributes to a smooth customer experience and draws focus to your product images. The wide-screen design offers you plenty of space to make sure your products take center stage and enrich your online store with high-quality content, allowing you to create unique shopping experiences your customers will love. 

Emporium Theme Landingpage

Special scaling design character

The Emporium theme is also easy to scale – another key feature contributing to the best possible customer experience. Thanks to the design’s extensive product depth, you have the option to create multiple, clearly differentiated product categories so your customers can find your products quickly and easily. This means the theme is suitable for everything from small to very large product ranges and can be used across industries and sectors.

Emporium Theme Productlisting

The Emporium theme’s customizable detail page

Furthermore, the Emporium theme allows you to restructure the product information on your online store’s product detail pages. Unlike what you see in other themes, the product information is not displayed below the product image but can be expanded and collapsed in the column to the right of the product image. This creates a particularly clean and clear look on the new product detail page of the Emporium theme, where your product image takes center stage. 

Emporium Theme Productpage

You’ve already gotten used to the standard product detail page layout and want to keep using it on your online store? No problem! Thanks to Shopware’s Shopping Experiences, you can keep the style of the Emporium theme while still using the standard store layout. Simply go to your Shopware administration page and create your own layout for the product detail page – it’s quick and easy.

Developed by Shopware

The Shopware Premium Theme Emporium was developed by shopware AG, which means it's perfectly tailored to Shopware and its functions. Plus, you can expand the theme to meet your needs with a variety of apps and plugins.


  • Minimalist wide-screen design

  • Developed by Shopware

  • Usable in any industry

  • Special scaling design character

  • Mobile and tablet-compatible design


  • High-quality standard

  • Scalable and therefore suitable for smaller as well as larger assortments (support of category depth)

  • Restructuring of product information on the product detail page

  • Reduced display of product boxes in listings

  • The theme can be extended by apps & plugins

  • Configurable and customizable, for example images for empty state pages (404 error page, maintenance etc.)

  • Subtle layout with a focus on product photos

  • Implementation of social media icons in the footer

Emporium Theme Shopping cart

Your success story with Shopware

Get started now and design your Shopware online store with the design that’s right for you. With Shopware, you can unleash the growth potential of your online business.

Where can you find the Shopware Premium Themes?

All Shopware Premium Themes are freely available in the commercial Shopware plans. Users of Shopware Cloud can find these in the administration under the menu item Themes.

Blog: Shopware cloud admin themes overview

Users of a commercial Shopware self-hosted version can find the themes under Extensions > My Extensions > Themes. Simply install and activate them to get started.

Blog: Shopware self-hosted admin my extensions

You can read about how to customize themes as you like in the Shopware user docs on themes.

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