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Unlocking the power of data: Shopware's strategy and its perks for online merchants

Unlocking the power of data: Shopware's strategy and its perks for online merchants

Does the thought of Shopware gathering data send a shiver down your spine? You're not alone. 'Data collection' can often carry a negative connotation, stirring immediate concerns about privacy for you and your customers. But what if we told you there's nothing to worry about? In this blog post, we'll take a look at our data use strategy and reveal how it can be a cause for celebration, not concern, for online retailers like you. 


  1. Reasons for collecting the data 

  2. Type and origin of the data 

  3. Our handling of the data 

  4. Timeline perspective

  5. Goals and detailed benefits for merchants

  6. Conclusion 

  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Three key reasons we're embracing data collection 

1) Unleashing potential with AI and ML 

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the landscape, the power of comprehensive data sets is undeniable. These advanced technologies excel when they have access to vast amounts of data, enabling them to identify patterns, organize information, and deliver impactful insights. Shopware, as an ecommerce platform, is at the forefront of this revolution, utilizing data across various industries to unlock untapped potential, made easier with today's technological advancements. 

2) Tailoring Shopware for the future 

Our goal in collecting data is to deepen our understanding of how Shopware is being used. This knowledge is crucial in fine-tuning our product to align more closely with the needs and behaviors of our customers. This step is crucial for adapting our platform to be not only intuitive but also predictive in meeting the demands of ecommerce. 

3) Empowering merchants with data-driven success 

The collection of data is not just an end in itself; it's a gateway to innovation. It enables us to craft new features, boost shop performance, and develop bespoke services grounded in data. These initiatives are focused on enhancing the shopping experience and equipping our retailers, shop owners, and partners with invaluable business insights. 

data statistics and insights

Next, let's explore the types of data that could be most influential and how we plan to gather them. 

Decoding the data: The key elements we're focusing on 

To elevate the functionality of our Shopware platform and deliver bespoke solutions, we're zoning in on three pivotal sources of data: 

1) Backend data  

The data from the backend is more than just the backbone of your store – it's the foundational framework upon which we analyze and understand the full spectrum of Shopware usage across all merchants. From product details to orders to promotions: Analyzing this data reveals the high performers and the success stories among your offerings. Our objective is to assist you in aligning your products and marketing strategies more closely with your customer base. 

2) Storefront data  

Visualize this: tracking customer movements in your store as if you were there, witnessing their product interactions and purchases. That's the essence of what we achieve digitally via event-based tracking. We delve into how visitors engage with your online shop, their click patterns, and their purchasing triggers – all with the shopper's consent, of course. This could result in detailed customer profiles, offering us deeper insights into customer preferences and expectations, ultimately enhancing their shopping journey. 

3) Admin data  

Peek behind the curtain: How do you fare when you log into Shopware and set about your tasks? Which tools are your go-to, and where can we streamline your workflow? By monitoring your admin activities, we gain valuable insights into potential enhancements, aimed at accelerating and simplifying your goal achievement. Rest assured, our event-based tracking here is also contingent on your agreement. 

storefront and backend data

All this data is securely housed and processed in our encrypted AWS infrastructure. This segues us to our next vital discussion: How we responsibly manage the data. 

Rest assured: Our responsible data handling explained 

Data and privacy are major concerns, which is why it's crucial for us to keep you informed about our processes transparently. First and foremost, you should know that we only collect data for which you have given us your consent. This consent isn't set in stone – you can revoke it at any time. In your admin area, you'll find all the necessary information and have the opportunity to make your decision, as well as change it if needed. 

data gathering

We adhere strictly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as earning your trust is important to us. Your data is safe with us and will not be shared with third parties. Naturally, we do not capture sensitive information such as passwords. Nor do we currently collect personal data. Should the latter prove beneficial in the future, we will anonymize all personal data to protect the privacy of your employees, customers, and yourself. Additionally, the data collection will not have a negative impact on the performance of your store.

To give you an idea of when all this will start, the following section will outline our timeline plans. 

Mapping out the future: The roadmap for our data journey 

Where we stand today (November 2023)  

This week marks the launch of Shopware's newest iteration, version 6.5.7. With this update comes a significant opportunity: you can now choose to enable us in gathering specific sets of data. This initiative is our opening step in requesting your permission to access invaluable backend data, like product specifics, orders, and promotional insights. This information is the key to unlocking deeper understanding and enhancements within Shopware. 

What's on the horizon?  

Our next venture involves initiating the tracking of both Storefront and Admin data, for which we'll be reaching out for your consent. Also on our agenda is the introduction of our inaugural data-driven offering – an advanced Analytics and Reporting service designed to offer you deeper insights and control over your business dynamics. 

Peering into 2024  

The next year is poised to be a transformative one. We're gearing up to use real-time data to craft personalized shopper profiles, powered by the finesse of machine learning. This will pave the way for more targeted customer segmentation. For the future, our goal is to develop cutting-edge, intelligent recommendations based on merchants' industry data. These recommendations will help you to make the most of popular category sales, manage stock better, and plan effective campaigns, while also offering personalized suggestions to improve the user experience. Ultimately, this aims to save our merchants a significant amount of time. 

Gen AI and aws

The driving forces: Goals and benefits 

Not only do we seek to understand how merchants interact with our platform, but we also aim to use the collected data to provide you with valuable insights into your business. With the help of AI, we can uncover hidden potentials that lead to more sales and stronger customer engagement. The more data we have, the better the services and recommendations we can offer you. 

The advantages we are striving to achieve on your behalf ... 

  • Data-driven decision-making: You can make faster and smarter decisions based on solid facts. 

  • Industry tips and trends: You'll receive recommendations tailored to you and your industry, such as how to capitalize on trends or manage your inventory more effectively. 

  • Exceptional shopping experiences: We also offer customized advice on enhancing the shopping experience in your online store. 

  • Personalization: Gain insights and tools to better align your offerings with your customers – from products to content. 

  • Efficiency boost: Last but not least, you save time and money as we help you develop effective strategies and plans for your campaigns. 

ML based analysis

Closing thoughts 

Shopware is stepping into a pivotal chapter, one that's energized by the dynamic interplay of data and technological innovation. This isn't just a significant leap for us; it's a game-changer for you, the merchant. We're wholeheartedly convinced that this journey will pave the way to unprecedented success for everyone involved. Our vision is to evolve Shopware into a platform that's not just robust and user-friendly but one that anticipates and adapts to the evolving needs of our users. 

Our mission is clear: to provide you, the merchant, with tools and insights that truly make a difference. We want to help you discover and leverage the untapped potential within your business. Because, in the end, your journey and triumphs are what really count. Let's embark on this journey together, towards a future rich with data, insights, and relentless innovation.

Your feedback is valued

We invite you to share your thoughts on which features you find most valuable in relation to our new data approach. Please leave your suggestions and votes in our feedback portal. By doing so, you’ll stay informed and play a role in shaping its development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I agree to data tracking? 

When you say 'yes' to data tracking, you're not just ticking a box. You're opening the door for us to customize Shopware in a way that resonates with your unique business requirements and gives you a deeper understanding of customer behavior. This agreement is your ticket to a suite of new, upcoming features driven by data analytics, designed to propel your business forward.

Who will have access to the data-driven services? Are they dependent on Shopware plans?

When it comes to accessing our data-driven services, we believe in inclusivity across all our user bases. Whether you're a user of the Community Edition or on a commercial plan, these advanced services will be within your reach.

When will the first services based on the data be available?

We are planning to launch our new Reporting Service for Shopware 6 in the spring of 2024. This tool, which is among the most requested features in our Shopware community and the most voted-for feature in our feedback portal, will enable merchants to effectively analyze their shop performance. We are currently in the concept phase and are focusing on developing a user-friendly and efficient tool to provide shop owners with meaningful insights into their business data. Feel free to leave a vote or your ideas for the upcoming Reporting Service in our feedback portal.


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