Inchoo becomes a Shopware partner

Schöppingen, 26/02/2020 – The shopware AG partner network is growing all the time; in Croatian agency Inchoo, Shopware has gained another expert partner with more than 11 years of experience in e-commerce.

Inchoo was founded as a full-service e-commerce agency in 2008. They have gained experience with numerous platforms since then, but quickly focused on Magento projects and are now among the leading Magneto agencies.

“Filling gaps opened up by Magento 2”

Tomislav Bilic, founder and CEO of Inchoo, explains the decision to become a Shopware Partner as follows: “We started working with Shopware two years ago, and with the modern Shopware 6 architecture, clean code, new technologies and a growing international community, we see a chance that Shopware could fill some of the gaps opened up by the release of Magento 2.”

From Shopware’s perspective, they are delighted with the decision by the Croatian e-commerce expert: “Inchoo is a superb agency and we are very happy to welcome them to our partner network. We are now very excited about the first Inchoo projects with Software 6,” says Stefan Hamann, founder and CEO of shopware AG.


Sebastian Hamann, Ivan Galic, Marko Brisevac, Tomislav Bilic, Zoran Blagojevic, Stefan Hamann, Nicole Hericks



Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

Manager Public Relations

Wiljo Krechting is an ecommerce expert and Manager Public Relations at the ecommerce platform provider Shopware. The media professional has a master’s degree in political science and journalism from the universities of Münster and Melbourne, where he gained experience as a foreign correspondent for the publisher Axel-Springer-Verlag. Krechting has worked as a journalist at Rheinische Post, WELT, BILD, Hamburger Abendblatt and the Australian business portal