“Shopping Ads with Google” now available as an integrated feature in the Shopware Cloud

Schöppingen, 25/02/2021 – The feature “Shopping Ads with Google” is now available as an integrated feature in the Shopware Cloud. In this interview, Christoph Schier, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, explains whats up with the feature. 

 The “Shopping Ads with Google” function will soon be available as an integrated feature in the Shopware Cloud. What's up with the feature?

Let me quickly explain what Shopping Ads are. People use Google to find the best product, prices, and places to buy. Shopping ads puts products in front of potential customers in a visual, immersive, and engaging way that gives shoppers detailed information about what shopware merchants are selling before they even click your ad. Once clicked the potential customer will directly be linked to the product landing page where they can purchase the product.


The integration is a great new feature for Shopware Cloud customers. They can increase and drive online sales efficiently by maximizing your conversion value and allowing you to reach new and existing customers across Google’s platforms with Smart Shopping Campaigns. 


We call it “Smart” since existing feeds and assets are combined with Google's machine learning. We will test different combinations of image and product information you provide. Google also automates ad placement and bidding for the maximum conversion of the advertising budget. Additionally Smart Shopping campaigns find the right user. Your products can be shown to people searching for you or to people who have viewed specific products on your website. Furthermore it can also help you to reach new potential customers based on their recent interests or reach your existing customer to repeat purchases. 

Can you tell us more about the Shopware integration and how to start?

The great benefit is that you can book Smart Shopping Ads with only a few clicks directly from the Shopware administration panel. The implementation is seamless, easy to navigate and straightforward in four simple steps: 


You can either use an existing Google Merchant Center or you can create it directly from the Shopware administration panel.

  1. Then you can choose which products should be synced 
  2. Create or link your Google Ads account 
  3. Go and start your first campaign 

What are the benefits of Smart Shopping Campaigns? 

The customer journey to a purchase has become more and more complex. What happens between trigger and purchase is not linear anymore. Also managing campaigns with various factors such as device targeting, bid adjustments and so on have equally become time consuming and complex. Smart Shopping Campaigns has been designed for this complex customer journey.  With Smart Shopping Campaigns we merge Google insights and the retailers insights to work hand in hand to set the right bid for every user. It is simple and cost sensitive to manage campaigns and you can achieve your goals by automated optimization to maximize the conversion value.

What tips would you give retailers who might be working with Shopping Ads for the first time? 

Smart Shopping is as said before completely automated and uses machine learning. For a great output focus on the input. Start with the feed. The quality of your campaign is only as good as the information you provide to your potential customers. Use the Google Trends tool to keep up to date with terms shoppers are searching for and adjust your titles, descriptions, and campaigns accordingly. Think of your product description as you “ad”. Add as much relevant information as you can e.g. relevant keywords and info from your landing page. And last but not least “A picture is worth a thousand words” use High Quality Images”.


Since Shopping campaigns use machine learning, for best results make sure to give a new campaign time to adapt before any changes will be made.

The integration of Google Ads into the Shopware Cloud platform is an important step forward.  What can you tell about the partnership?

Shopware offers ecommerce solutions to create shops to sell products online. Thanks to this integration, Shopware, as a Google Ads Partner, helping these merchants to promote and advertise their products on Google directly from their platform. 

Could you tell us a little bit about the free product listings?

Google has launched free product listings on the shopping tab in June in the US and since mid October it is also available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Search results on the Shopping tab will consist primarily of free listings, helping retailers to connect with more customers, regardless of whether they advertise on Google.  Companies who already use Merchant Center and Shopping ads don't have to do anything to take advantage of this change; their listings will automatically show up at no cost, but with less control compared to paid ads. This is also a great benefit for all Shopware customers if they create a Google Merchant Center account through Shopware. 

Christoph Schier, Strategic Partner Manager at Google 

"Shopping Ads with Google" will also be available for the On Premise version of Shopware later this year.


Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

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