Shopware 5.1 available: even more functions for inspiring shopping experiences

Schöppingen, Germany 19th October 2015 – shopware AG, shopping cart system manufacturer from the Westphalian municipality of Schöppingen, has published the latest version of its shopping cart system. Shopware 5.1 was fully presented in September at the Shopware Community Day and has been impatiently awaited since then. The release makes available countless features and improvements, with which shop operators can more quickly and easily create an emotive shopping experience for their customers. Among the most important new functions are Product Streams and Digital Publishing, together with the support of PHP7, which provides the shopping cart system with a significant performance advantage.

“Product Streams” for individual ranges

The new Product Streams, a unique function in their field, steer the attention of shop customers specifically and effectively to certain ranges. They act as a type of search filter, which is predefined by the shop operators rather than the customers. This means the shop operator can filter products from a wide range of product groups by individual criteria and put together a new range tailored to the customer.

Example: A shop operator wants to show his customers the latest products from a certain category, from a certain brand or, for example, all discounted items in the shop. To do this, he stipulates the desired properties in the backend for the stream, which can later be used at different points in the shop, for example on category pages, product detail pages or in a shopping world. Advantage of the new function: the streams update automatically, if new products are added to the shop, for example.

“Digital Publishing”: Personal banners, designed directly in the backend

Shopware 5.1 provides another innovative function in the form of Digital Publishing. This intuitive tool makes it possible to create dynamic banners directly from the Shopware backend. This provides great advantages for shop operators: firstly, the trader no longer has to be a design professional to design effective advertising banners. This saves resources for the shop operator in terms of the graphical design of their shops. Secondly, the created banners support the emotionality in the online shop, which Shopware has focussed on since Version 5.

The new advanced Digital Publishing feature makes it possible to position texts very easily over a graphical background. With the help of various modules, banners can be created very easily and can be viewed in a live preview in the editing mode. The possible modules of a banner including images, texts and buttons. All contents are displayed as HTML objects, through which Digital Publishing exploits the best SEO potential.

Even better performance

With Version 5.1, the core architecture of Shopware has also been improved. All mechanisms, which were previously consolidated in the software core, are now divided into individual units and coupled to a central control point. This increases the agility of Shopware and makes it even easier to expand.

Through this new flexibility, it is also possible to complement the previous MySQL database with a very efficient Elasticsearch database. It is possible to use Elasticsearch, even with the free Shopware Community Edition. Particularly for larger product quantities, this allows a performance increase of up to 120 percent.

But the performance of Shopware itself has also been optimised in some cases. Shopware 5.1 is one of the first shopping cart systems, which is already compatible with the forthcoming PHP 7 version. This creates a performance advantage of up to 50 percent.

“With Shopware 5.1, we are taking a further step in the direction of emotional shopping. Digital Publishing and Product Streams support online traders in providing their customers with an even more inspiring and memorable shopping experience, which is tailored perfectly to them,” says Shopware spokesperson Wiljo Krechting, summarising the most important advantages of the latest Shopware version. “With the many minor adjustments, the compatibility with PHP 7 and the integration of Elasticsearch, we have also improved the technical basis of Shopware, so that a shop operator’s work is now even easier and quicker.”

As a manufacturer of Open Source software, shopware AG attaches particular importance to feedback from the community. As a result, lots of functions have been implemented in Shopware 5.1 which were suggested by external developers and users.

Shopware 5.1 is available for immediate download on the website of the software manufacturer,


Shopware 5.1 at a glance:


  • "Product Streams“ for more targeted campaigns
  • "Digital Publishing” as digital advertising space
  • Integration of Elasticsearch, even in the Community Edition
  • PHP 7 compatibility
  • Implementation of feedback from the community


Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

Manager Public Relations

Wiljo Krechting is an ecommerce expert and Manager Public Relations at the ecommerce platform provider Shopware. The media professional has a master’s degree in political science and journalism from the universities of Münster and Melbourne, where he gained experience as a foreign correspondent for the publisher Axel-Springer-Verlag. Krechting has worked as a journalist at Rheinische Post, WELT, BILD, Hamburger Abendblatt and the Australian business portal