Shopware 6: Early Access Version available now!

Schöppingen, 30/07/2019 – shopware AG has released the Early Access Version of Shopware 6. Following the Developer Preview, available since the announcement of Shopware 6 in May, the new release now also provides the general public with a first impression of what is on offer, with the opportunity to take advantage of the new technology at an early stage.

“Shopware 6 is our answer to an increasingly complex eCommerce environment where connectivity and technology are rapidly gaining in importance. This makes it all the more important to put the emphasis on people at the core of this development. This is why we focussed on maximum flexibility and the freedom to grow for every user in our development of Shopware.” These are the words Shopware CEO Sebastian Hamann used to introduce the new version at the Shopware Community Day 2019 on May 23. Users can now have a first-hand experience of Shopware 6. 

API-first approach offers new opportunities

Shopware 6 was developed according to the API-first approach. This means that all areas of a shop can also be controlled via APIs, which can be utilised by various third-party providers for automating processes within Shopware. A key feature is the option of integrating a multitude of sales channels, thus bringing the omni-channel idea to a well-thought-out conclusion. In addition to classic online shops, mobile apps, marketplaces and social shopping, as well as linking up to local POS (points of sale), Shopware 6 is ready for any channel that will emerge over the coming years. It will be possible, for example, to implement exciting projects in the field of the Internet of Things as well as voice or conversational commerce. 

The entire system architecture now offers freedom at an engineering level too. At its core, the Shopware 6 manufacturer relies on a completely new foundation with state-of-the-art technologies such as Symfony and Vue.JS to provide a sustainable, robust, high-performance and flexible base for various eCommerce scenarios. Through the use of standard technologies, external developers can now learn the ropes of the Shopware universe much more quickly and easily. The standard storefront included in the package is based on the “Bootstrap” framework and “Twig” template engine, which offer simple customisation options without the need for Shopware-specific knowledge. Administration is clear, easy to navigate and accesses the Shopware API for all processes. Furthermore, Shopware developers have created a proprietary design concept and component library for the administration, which can be accessed by developers of third party systems for their own plugins.

New functions: Experience worlds and Rule Builder

The Early Access Version of Shopware 6 offers a fully fledged software experience. In addition to the sales channels and the new administration, users can now also put the new experience worlds through their paces. With this feature, emotive shopping experiences can be created even more easily by using drag & drop. This creates unique customer experiences without limits in terms of the design and presentation on virtually all Shopware content pages. For example, the new experience worlds can be used to design customised product pages.


The Rule Builder is another exciting feature. It provides retailers with the option of adapting various aspects of Shopware to their own business model without any programming effort. Flexible rules can be utilised to influence pricing or activate experience worlds and shipping methods for certain customer groups. “The rule builder can be used as a central component in situations that require a high degree of flexibility. This way, we create the perfect basis for creative marketing campaigns and innovative business models”, according to Hamann. 


Long-term support for Shopware 5

The release of Shopware 6 does not, however, spell the end of the Shopware 5 product line. “Shopware 5 is a very stable, reliable and powerful eCommerce solution. Even after Shopware 6 is released, Shopware 5 will continue to be developed with long-term support being provided for a period of 5 years,” announced Sebastian Hamann.

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Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

Manager Public Relations

Wiljo Krechting is an ecommerce expert and Manager Public Relations at the ecommerce platform provider Shopware. The media professional has a master’s degree in political science and journalism from the universities of Münster and Melbourne, where he gained experience as a foreign correspondent for the publisher Axel-Springer-Verlag. Krechting has worked as a journalist at Rheinische Post, WELT, BILD, Hamburger Abendblatt and the Australian business portal