Shopware 6 solution extended with native shipping integration via Sendcloud

Schöppingen, 26/05/2020 – For years, Sendcloud has been one of the most popular plugins in the Shopware store. As a result, the shipping tool is now a native integration for Shopware 6, as Sendcloud GmbH becomes an even larger part of the Shopware partner network.

Shipping is still one of the key challenges in modern-day e-commerce. Sendcloud meets this challenge by providing a modern and flexible all-in-one solution. “Our plugin for Shopware 6 enables every online retailer to connect to multiple carriers. This way online retails can be fully flexible in what shipping methods to use, expand internationally and even handle European returns. Add the fact that Shopware helps online businesses to expand internationally with multiple features and you have the ingredients to tackle nowadays challenges in e-commerce”, says Roland Jansen, Head of partnerships at Sendcloud. 

Flexible and Scalable

“We are very happy to collaborate with Shopware, because we both want to focus on making e-commerce more flexible and easy”, Jansen adds. shopware AG agrees and is confident that the partnership is beneficial for both providers: “Sendcloud is among Europe’s best shipping solutions. But that’s not the only reason we’re happy to have them as part of our partner network: Shopware and Sendcloud also share core values and ideas. Both solutions are ideal for retailers of all sizes, both can be scaled according to user demands and both Sendcloud and Shopware stand for more flexibility with less complexity,” says Herbert Lefering, Director of International Sales at shopware AG. 

The sendcloud plugin can be found in the Shopware Store.


Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

Manager Public Relations

Wiljo Krechting is an ecommerce expert and Manager Public Relations at the ecommerce platform provider Shopware. The media professional has a master’s degree in political science and journalism from the universities of Münster and Melbourne, where he gained experience as a foreign correspondent for the publisher Axel-Springer-Verlag. Krechting has worked as a journalist at Rheinische Post, WELT, BILD, Hamburger Abendblatt and the Australian business portal