Shopware named in two analyst reports outlining commerce solution landscape

NEW YORK (December 13, 2023)—Global open-source ecommerce platform Shopware was acknowledged in two recent Forrester reports outlining the commerce solution landscape. The Commerce Solutions For B2B Landscape, Q4 2023, and The Commerce Solutions For B2C Landscape, Q4 2023, both of which are highly influential within the broader industry, help define the market maturity and dynamics of the sector and detail notable vendors. 

“These are fantastic reports for anyone looking for a solution provider in the commerce space,” said Jason Nyhus, GM U.S., Shopware. “By outlining use cases and providing a comprehensive list of major trends and solutions that can adapt to these trends, merchants are uniquely able to arm themselves with core intel which ensures they’re poised to make savvy decisions. To us, being mentioned in both of these reports reaffirms our credibility and also our expertise within the ecommerce world.” 

These November 2023 reports outline how vendors address the key trends in the industry. It includes listings of use cases for B2B and B2C commerce organizations. Forrester asked each vendor included in the landscapes to select the top use cases for which clients select them and form there determined which are the extended use cases that highlight differentiation among the vendors. Vendors are shown in the reports for having selected up to three specific use cases as top reasons clients work with them out of those extended use cases.  

Scalability and efficiency

In the B2C sector, Forrester identifies SaaS solutions as dominant, meeting the demand for scalability and efficiency. The report notes the shift toward iterative change over comprehensive digital transformations, with a key trend being real-time personalization. 

The Forrester B2C report, while not ranking vendors, states in a table the three extended use cases each vendor selected as top reasons clients work with them. Shopware is the only vendor focusing on a unique combination of three use cases: improving efficiency and automating work, creating an integration hub for adjacent tech, and facilitating order entry outside typical online shopping.

Shopware has found that clients choose Shopware for these top use cases due to automation tools like Flow and Rule Builder, an extensive ecosystem for limitless extensibility, and the revolutionary Digital Sales Rooms feature, enabling seamless, immersive, and personalized online shopping experiences.

Forrester english

In the B2B sector, Forrester's report underscores buyer confusion around composable technology, urging vendors to align solutions with customers' level of obsession rather than industry buzz. The report emphasizes the preference for proof-of-concept over traditional RFPs and identifies top use cases as distributors and manufacturers selling physical good.

Shopware’s selected extended use cases in B2B commerce include selling aftermarket parts, professional services, and franchise webstores.

As per Shopware’s own assertion, the platform caters to B2B organizations' needs for cost-effective professional services, offering benefits such as managing both digital and physical goods in the same shopping experience and the ability to generate unique SKUs and prices. Shopware anticipates releasing a new function in 2024 to provide B2B merchants more control over their margins. Addressing the evolving needs of B2B consumers, Shopware's franchise webstores offer flexibility with features like multi-currency support, configured pricing, multi-language options, and diverse payment methods. As B2B commerce increasingly adopts omnichannel strategies, Shopware's cloud-based tool aligns with the growing demand for SaaS products, allowing iterative growth and enhanced efficiency.

To learn more about various vendors, including Shopware, and the changing and challenging use cases of today’s B2C and B2B commerce organizations, download and read the relevant Forrester reports here for the B2C report and here for the B2B report. To learn more about Shopware’s commerce solutions or to discover how clients are already using the tools across a range of B2B and B2C industries, click here.


Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

Manager Public Relations

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