Shopware releases version 6.1

Schöppingen/Germany, 15 January 2020 - In May of last year, Shopware announced the next generation of their ecommerce solution, Shopware 6, and has since published various early access releases. Now after months of integrating feedback from their international community, today the company made the final release, Shopware 6.1, publicly available for download. 

“We are leaving the early access phase behind us with the release of Shopware 6.1. We are extremely grateful for the large amount of feedback we have received that has contributed to making Shopware 6 all the more efficient. Even with the release of 6.1, we remain open to feedback and requests from the community in order to continuously develop the possibilities that come with Shopware 6”, explains Stefan Hamann, Shopware CEO and head of product development.


More than 3,000 downloads and initial large projects

Enthusiasm for new version and its numerous possibilities has been expressed by the Shopware community with over 3,000 downloads in the past few months alone. A number of ambitious projects already emerged: from complex enterprise projects such as SIX to start-ups such as CLEW.

“Even in the short period of time between Shopware 6.1 being announced in May and its release, the Shopware community has implemented several great projects and demonstrated the potential that the software has to offer. It’s fantastic to see the latitudes and possibilities of Shopware 6 being used. This, of course, increases our excitement about everything that’s yet to come”, says Hamann.

Shopware 6.1 with improvements – and now available for rent

Compared with the early access version, Shopware 6.1 benefits from numerous improvements. Since the release of the second Shopware 6 early access version, four Shopware 6.1 release candidates have also been published, each of which contained many features and fixes. The exact changes can be viewed in the change log.

Shopware 6.1 is not the only change that occurred in the Shopware universe: From now on, customers can also rent the latest ecommerce solution. This package can be cancelled on a monthly basis. In addition to the licence fee, it includes developer support provided by the manufacturer.

Further information about Shopware 6.1 or a Shopware demo can be found here


Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

Manager Public Relations

Wiljo Krechting is an ecommerce expert and Manager Public Relations at the ecommerce platform provider Shopware. The media professional has a master’s degree in political science and journalism from the universities of Münster and Melbourne, where he gained experience as a foreign correspondent for the publisher Axel-Springer-Verlag. Krechting has worked as a journalist at Rheinische Post, WELT, BILD, Hamburger Abendblatt and the Australian business portal