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Shopware unveils groundbreaking “AI Copilot” at annual Community Day event

AI took center stage at two-day industry event alongside titans like Google’s Cassie Kozyrkov and Shopware’s Tina Müller.

Schöppingen/Duisburg (May 25, 2023)—Leading global open source ecommerce platform Shopware hosted its annual event known as Shopware Community Day (SCD) at Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park for the first time since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In front of 700 attendees, Shopware revealed that it has officially equipped its platform with comprehensive AI functionality and features which will significantly elevate ecommerce strategies for the enterprise and SMB communities, known as "AI Copilot."

Sebastian Hamann, co-founder and co-CEO, shed light on the dynamic nature of online commerce as part of his keynote, underscoring the enduring effects of the pandemic and the role AI will play moving forward, especially as younger generations are concerned. “AI-powered tools will not only enable employees to independently find efficient ways to solve problems, but catapult their companies to the forefront of the competition,” he said.

It was a point echoed by his brother and fellow co-founder and co-CEO, Stefan Hamann: “AI has the potential to usher in the next industrial but also digital revolution and turn merchants into 'super merchants' by streamlining processes, cutting costs and creating a personalized brand identity.”

Shopware’s “AI Copilot” features a series of next-generation functionality, including:

AI generated product review summary—Merchants can use AI to retrieve a summary of all reviews for a product and then publish them on the product detail page, allowing customers to view valuable feedback which will inform their decision making, without having to read each individual product review

Screenshot AI generated product review summary

Image keyword assistant—Able to analyze a series of uploaded images and set appropriate keywords.

Screenshot Image keyword assistant

AI generated content for Shopping Experiences—Merchants can leverage the AI text feature to produce a wide range of text content, verify spelling accuracy, and translate the copy into multiple languages.

Screenshot AI generated content für Shopping Experiences

Custom checkout message—Merchants can send customers an AI-generated personalized message based on the contents of their shopping cart after they have completed a purchase, to sow seeds for loyalty.

AI based customer classification—AI can create labels for those customers based on their previous order history, which can then be used as tags for marketing mailings, for instance.

AI generated product properties—AI automatically suggests product properties based on a product description.

AI based translation for reviews—Product reviews can be translated using the feature, allowing customers to access foreign-language reviews easily.

AI export assistant—AI Export Wizard makes it possible to export specific data from the store system to a CSV file using a single command.

Community Day speakers including Cassie Kozyrkov, from Google; Tea Thaning, from Trendbüro; Manon Dave, from Mindvalley; and Tina Müller, best known as a top manager and supervisory board member at Shopware, explored a variety of topics from AI and machine learning to strategies for personalizing online retail experiences.

Shopware is intentionally prioritizing making AI solutions accessible not only to the biggest players in the market, but also to medium-sized businesses as well. As an open commerce solution, Shopware builds on a huge ecosystem of partners, customers and developers that contributes significantly to the platform's success. By integrating AI technologies into its platform, Shopware enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from tremendous opportunities in efficiency and value creation.

2023-Shopware-Community-Day Sebastian-Hamann-Keynote -v2 3500x2500

“Through close collaboration with the community ecosystem and open source principles, groundbreaking AI solutions can be jointly developed and tested,” Sebastian Hamann said. “This synergy helps to revolutionize online commerce in a sustainable way for all parties involved and paves the way for a new era of efficiency in ecommerce, in which medium-sized businesses play a similarly crucial role.”

Since the first Shopware Community Day in 2011, the annual event has established itself as an important networking opportunity for the global ecommerce industry. This year, Developer Day took place on May 24, offering technically-focused content specifically for developers, followed by Merchant Day which was held on May 25 to bring together ecommerce enthusiasts, pioneers and experts.

More information about Shopware and the new features is available on the company website, All digital content from SCD will be published shortly at


Wiljo Krechting

Wiljo Krechting

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