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The rise of AI and Spatial.

Discover the most advanced features from Shopware, designed to elevate your business operations and accelerate your growth. Adopting these innovations early not only grants you a significant competitive edge, but also positions your business at the forefront of digital commerce trends.
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Drive sales with AI-powered search capabilities.

Search by Image: Boost conversions and increase turnover by allowing customers to search for products using image uploads. Shoppers can simply capture screenshots of items they like and instantly find similar items from your product range. This feature provides personalized recommendations based on visual content, making it easier and more engaging for customers to find what they love.

Search by Context: Perfectly integrated into your online storefront, our AI-driven Search by Context feature enables shoppers to use everyday language, such as "tools for DIY wall painting," to effortlessly find relevant products. Powered by AI, this search function intelligently suggests items tailored to the specific context, enhancing customer experience and driving effective cross-selling opportunities.


Text to Image: Experience next-gen asset creation.

Our latest AI-driven innovation transforms the way you create visual product assets, bypassing the need for advanced design skills and significantly speeding up content production. Text to Image effortlessly transforms written descriptions into captivating visuals, enriching the visual context and showcasing your products in their best light without aiming to generate complete product images. By facilitating rapid and effortless background changes, this sophisticated tool simplifies your design processes for new campaigns and helps your products stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Breathtaking spatial encounters.

Gain a significant competitive edge and stand out in the market. Shopware simplifies the integration of all 3D data files, enabling immersive experiences right from the start. Our progressive approach continuously fuels innovation, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the spatial revolution.

Access to high-quality 3D assets is now simpler than ever: 1. Upload 3D data files If you're utilizing 3D data in your product design, begin the transition to web-ready 3D models by uploading your existing .glb files. Get started easily with just a few clicks.

2. Create 3D data models If you don't have existing files or need customized solutions, easily craft tailored 3D data models using tools such as Luma AI. This approach allows you to meet specific requirements with precision and flexibility.

3. Leverage third-party partners Team up with specialists like Rooom to create high-resolution 3D models of your products. This collaboration enhances the quality of your digital representations, bringing your products to life.


Immersive Elements: Your story, unforgettable.

Together with Instorier, the Norwegian masters of digital storytelling, we've developed an innovative app designed to transform your online store into an unforgettable, vibrant brand experience. Launching with five dynamic components, Immersive Elements is engineered to engage customers, amplify brand loyalty, and boost conversions. Fully optimized for mobile, desktop, and spatial devices, the app enables a seamless and truly outstanding shopping experience. Immersive Elements is fully integrated within the Shopware infrastructure, distinguishing your brand in a crowded marketplace and offering an incredibly cost-effective alternative to the reliance of external resources.


Scene Editor: The leading edge of visual merchandising.

Unlock the full potential of 3D models and create dynamic, tailor-made scenes that serve as an economical alternative to conventional photography. The Scene Editor facilitates the generation of infinite superior visuals from just one 3D model, circumventing the need for costly photo sessions and elaborate setups. It is our answer to the challenge of making high-caliber visual merchandising more accessible and agile. Far from being just another feature, the Scene Editor embodies a forward-thinking leap into the future of commerce, enabling you to vividly narrate your brand's story through immersive 3D visuals.

Spatial capabilities powered by Shopware.

Native 3D data file support.

Effortlessly upload 3D models to enrich your product pages and enable AR projection onto real-world settings directly through smartphones.

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AR for mobile by QR code.

Integrate 3D models with mobile cameras for customized placement, and allow desktop users to access AR views by scanning QR codes.

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3D-Viewer for Shopware’s Shopping Experiences.

Enhance your customers' online shopping with our 3D-Viewer, allowing them to fully dive into interactive 3D showcases.

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Cutting-edge B2B performance.

Transform your B2B operations with unmatched agility, efficiency, and scalability. Opt for our modular framework, B2B Components, or the comprehensive B2B Suite. Discover the latest precision-engineered features from Shopware for streamlined and effective B2B operations.

Shopware Sales Agent
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Sales Agent: Supercharging B2B operations.

Say goodbye to the multitude of disjointed B2B systems that often lead to scattered and inefficient processes. Engineered to serve as a central platform, the Sales Agent by Shopware empowers your sales team to monitor, evaluate, and act on operations with unprecedented ease. This innovative tool streamlines the sales workflow, enhancing operational efficiency and representing a significant advancement in optimizing digital B2B strategies.

  • Maximize your sales agents' effectiveness across digital platforms.

  • Boost the efficiency of individual agent workflows.

  • Simplify the analysis of the B2B customer journey for clearer insights.


SCD 2024 Commerce Day.

Webinars designed to keep you on top.

AI in Ecommerce: From insights to implementation.

In this webinar, our Innovation Product Manager, Julia Leusing and HmmH's Andreas Precht, Head of Future Commerce, will talk about industry trends in AI adoption, three challenges merchants face when it comes to AI usage, and how to implement AI features to solve challenges.

Emotional shopping experiences with spatial commerce.

Join us in this webinar as we dive into the world of emotional shopping experiences and explore how spatial tools can help transform customer engagement. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn how to elevate your ecommerce game with captivating, immersive shopping experiences.

Immersive Elements: The app, the tech, your edge.

Explore the transformative power of immersive technology. Discover how to leverage this cutting-edge app to create engaging experiences that captivate your audience and drive results. From interactive storytelling to virtual environments, learn practical techniques to utilize the full potential of Immersive Elements.

AI in the fashion industry: From catwalk to checkout

The fashion industry confronts unique and specific challenges. Beyond the cost pressures exerted by providers of inexpensive ready-to-wear clothing, particularly those from Asia who penetrate the European and American markets via online marketplaces, there's also the impact of higher purchase prices. Additional factors, such as the necessity for rapid updates in ready-to-wear collections and new regulations like the Supply Chain Act, add layers of complexity. These challenges necessitate that fashion retailers and manufacturers streamline their operations. In this intricate landscape, AI emerges as a transformative force in online fashion retail.

This white paper explores how AI presents valuable opportunities for fashion businesses in ecommerce, driving growth and innovation.

Navigating the future of ecommerce.

We're entering an era where technological advancements and visionary ideas are set to transform the very fabric of our society and economy. Artificial intelligence, spatial commerce, and cutting-edge automation capabilities have emerged as pivotal technologies, significantly influencing all industries. These tools act as catalysts for innovation and efficiency, playing a crucial role in delivering personalized solutions and facilitating data-driven decisions. For ecommerce businesses, integrating AI and spatial commerce creatively and thoughtfully into the customer journey is essential, ensuring compliance, data security, and adherence to ethical standards.

This white paper addresses the challenges businesses face and discusses how you can harness cutting-edge features to future-proof your business.


Expand your international presence with and Shopware.

Dominate the global marketplace with the extension. Since its inception in 1999, has been a transformative force in international trade. With more than two decades of experience, it is recognized as the leading B2B ecommerce platform in the world. We're thrilled to offer you the unparalleled expertise of as an extension in the Shopware Store.

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