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M-Medientechnik migrates from Oxid

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Established in 2005, M-Medientechnik GmbH has emerged as a forefront supplier of media technology in Germany. Offering premium products in media furniture and office equipment

M-Medientechnik GmbH: your comprehensive media technology partner

Founded in 2005, M-Medientechnik GmbH provides a wide-ranging selection of professional media technology products through its online store, including signage displays, video conferencing solutions, and accessories like speakers and cables. Besides equipping schools, government entities, and military facilities with conference and event technology, the company distinguishes itself by offering a thorough service, spanning from event planning advice to onsite hardware installation.

As an industry pioneer, M-Medientechnik GmbH also operates Germany's largest media technology experience center. Within its 500m² showroom, customers can explore the integration of cutting-edge media technology into practical applications. With a team of 30, the company not only sells throughout Europe but also in Serbia and Switzerland, reinforcing its position as an internationally engaged, competent partner in the media technology sector.

The challenge

Embarking on its ecommerce journey with Oxid, M-Medientechnik GmbH encountered numerous issues after a seemingly smooth initiation, especially as business volumes expanded:

  • limited availability and performance of the website

  • insufficient mapping of essential business processes

  • missing feed connections to price comparison portals

  • Absence of plug-in updates, disrupting payment service provider functionality

  • Need for numerous scripts and workarounds in a complex system landscape

  • declining resources and expertise for Oxid

  • suboptimal customer experience due to poor accessibility and slow loading times of the store

  • restricted customer servicing capabilities of the system

The technical constraints of the store system noticeably stifled M-Medientechnik's growth. In the months preceding the relaunch, not only did the company witness a substantial dip in sales, but also experienced stagnation in ecommerce sector growth.


Shopware 6 and M-Medientechnik: the beginning of a new chapter

With the introduction of Shopware 6, both the frontend and backend of the M-Medientechnik store have been improved. Now available in both German and English, the store captivates with a modern, user-friendly design, swift loading times, and impressive online store availability, much to the delight of customers.

The implementation of new features seeks to elevate the customer experience perpetually. M-Medientechnik now swiftly curates bespoke offers for B2B customers, deliverable via link or PDF. Key documents, including order confirmations, delivery slips, and invoices, are directly accessible in user accounts, while customers can view product availability and delivery timelines from multiple warehouses.

Backend-wise, M-Medientechnik’s team reaps the benefits of Shopware 6's augmented functionalities: Product prices, automatically imported from ITScope into the store system, are forwarded to price comparison portals, such as, Google Shopping, and, ensuring accurate and current details – a process once manually executed. Content managers also appreciate the simplified creation of brand pages via Shopware 6's drag-and-drop feature, representing a time-saving advancement from the prior system.

In addition, M-Medientechnik benefits from the following functionalities of Shopware 6:

  • Multi-inventory: Enhances the company’s inventory overview across various external warehouses and, in tandem with M-Medientechnik's dropshipping process, slashes logistical overhead by 90%. This also elevates product availability and curtails delivery times for customers.

  • Customer-specific pricing:This feature allows custom pricing for different customer groups and countries with varying tax rates.

  • Content management system: Thanks to Shopware's intuitive CMS, M-Medientechnik can quickly and easily create sophisticated and high-quality brand pages and landing pages.

  • Roles and permissions: This functionality ensures employees concentrate on their respective work domains while safeguarding sensitive store sections.

  • Flow Builder: Thanks to this feature, specific documents are generated automatically during the order process.

  • Sales Channels: This feature is used to create feeds for comparison portals.

The transition to Shopware 6 has notably streamlined numerous store processes, not only enhancing operational efficiency but also simplifying the onboarding of new employees. M-Medientechnik's team, thoroughly convinced by Shopware 6, desires to replace the prior ERP system (JTL) to exclusively manage all processes through Shopware and eliminate the need to toggle between systems.

Jürgen Klein from M-Medientechnik is more than satisfied with the project: "By replacing the old system, we were able to part with some legacy systems and servers. Many scripts and workarounds are no longer necessary. Consequently, we experience reduced hosting costs, a simplified system landscape, and diminished complexity in our projects – an overall noteworthy reduction in costs and effort."


The future strategy of M-Medientechnik

After the successful relaunch, M-Medientechnik continues to strive for continuous growth. With the features of Shopware 6's B2B Suite, the company intends to further optimize the usability of the store for its customers. In addition, the company wants to consolidate its position as an industry leader and clearly differentiate itself from competitors. M-Medientechnik already offers its customers extensive item descriptions with relevant information.

This year also saw the opening of the largest Experience Center for media technology in Germany to provide customers with an impressive experience offline as well. Within the 500 m² showroom, customers can engage with products in a live setting and gain further insights into media technology. Extending beyond this, the company is evolving its customer consulting solutions, aspiring to showcase offerings as comprehensive solutions rather than merely individual products.

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