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Checklist for successfully connecting Shopware to an ERP system

Checklist for successfully connecting Shopware to an ERP system

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What do you have to consider if you want to link your shop to a merchandise management system? What are the benefits and what criteria should the interface meet? Tobias Ambrosch from SelectLine Software GmbH has answers to these questions.

If you are looking for a quick, streamlined online shop with simple ordering solutions, Shopware is the perfect shop system for companies of all sizes. One such company which has already opted for Shopware is Goekeler Messtechnik GmbH, one of the world’s leading measurement technology manufacturers. However, the larger the amount of data to be managed, the more storage space needed for your own products; and the more customers your online shop has, the more useful it is to have a merchandise management system as a central database. This helps you to simplify your day-to-day business and maintain a good overview. SelectLine software supports goekeler.com in effectively linking the Shopware system with their merchandise management system.

Why should you link an online shop to a merchandise management system?

There are countless benefits to linking your online shop to a merchandise management system: Automating processes, for example, facilitates work in various areas and ensures considerable time savings. And by linking a merchandise management system to Shopware, automatic synchronisation ensures that stock levels are reliably updated in real time. This means you are able to maintain an overview of your products at all times, and collecting data is less error-prone than when it is done manually.

Orders and returns can therefore be processed more efficiently and with less effort, increasing customer satisfaction, as Patrick Häußler, Marketing & Sales Manager at Goekeler Messtechnik GmbH, found: “SelectLine’s Shopware integration enabled us to set up our shop in a very short space of time and cost up to four times less than other providers.”  Additionally, the information and data that potential buyers receive in the online shop is now reliable and always up to date.

As well as the simple control of processes; inventory and transaction data can also easily be collected. This makes it possible to evaluate the data, e.g. on purchasing and sales, logistics and planning, and you can optimise all processes and increase the performance of your online shop. This overview, which is provided by linking the two systems, also ensures optimal planning, which can systematically reduce your storage costs.

The benefits of linking your online shop to a merchandise management system:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Less maintenance requirements
  • Simple control of processes
  • Process automation
  • Low error susceptibility
  • Efficient processing of orders and returns
  • Real-time stock level updates

How to successfully link the systems

Your merchandise management system is linked to your Shopware system via an interface, such as SelectLine’s online shop integration. Use the following checklist to find out what you should consider when selecting the right interface:

1. Ease of use

It makes sense to choose an interface that is intuitive and very easy to use, ensuring anyone can use it and not just specially trained employees. This will save you resources and ensure that you are not dependent on individual employees. The SelectLine Shopware integration has done just this for goekeler.com: “We are able to adapt a great many things ourselves with just a little help,” says Patrick Häußler about his experiences with the new interface.

2. Flexible scalability

The interface should be flexibly scalable so that it can always be adapted to your requirements and used for fresh challenges in changing conditions.

3. Connection to other retailers

Your interface should be able to connect to other retailers and sales platforms so that you can benefit from their reputation and reach. This will increase your sales figures, improve your visibility and help you acquire more new customers.

4. Secure synchronisation

It is important to synchronise the merchandise management system and the online shop via the interface in order to ensure reliable planning and a transparent overview of all processes. So make sure your interface enables reliable data exchange between orders, customers, stock levels, prices, item master data, etc.

5. Efficient automation

A suitable interface ensures that standard processes are carried out automatically and efficiently, i.e. all information is transferred directly from the online shop to the merchandise management system and back again. Data such as customer data, addresses, payment information, but also item prices and stock levels are therefore collected and automatically compared. This automation saves you time and effort, and allows you to process orders and returns more efficiently.

Other important features your interface should include:

  • Different payment solutions
  • Regular updates and features
  • Low one-off and ongoing costs

Conclusion: Flexible Interfaces for Successful Linking

Using our checklist you will find the software that best suits your online shop and your merchandise management system, just like Goekeler Messtechnik GmbH. Only if the interface is tailored to your specific requirements, yet flexible, will your online shop work effectively, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of a merchandise management system, even in the face of new challenges.

Author Profile: Tobias Ambrosch

Working in the marketing department of SelectLine Software GmbH since 2007, my business passion lies in the area of process optimisation in small and medium-sized companies through optimally adapted ERP software and merchandise management systems. This increasingly includes the topics of digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

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