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For Our Community: Shopware’s Monthly Global Product Update

For Our Community: Shopware’s Monthly Global Product Update

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In July 2020 we started our monthly video series: "Global Product Update". In this blog post you will find the newest video as well as an introduction by our Community Manager, Moritz Naczenski, where he explains why we created this format and what we want to inform the community about regularly.

Open source is not just a description of our software, but our mindset at Shopware. This mindset determines what we do and influences every decision our company makes. Recently we have been asking ourselves how to make our development process more transparent and more accessible to our community. An internal format called “Global Product Update” in which our product managers share various development innovations with the company on a monthly basis has been in place for several months now. We would now like to make this format available to the public to provide you with in-depth insights into our development process. Here are a few typical topics that we will presenting in this format ...

A few tipical news from the Global Product Update:

#1 Features and innovations that are currently being implemented

Our public roadmap shows the current development status, as a percentage, of individual features at any given time. With this new format, you will get to see exactly what lies behind the status. In many cases, screenshots and short screen recordings with additional explanations will guide the user through the feature.

#2 Concepts currently in development

We normally tend to have a few things up our sleeve for our public roadmap. But these first need conceptualising. Once a concept has reached the stage where it can be presented, there will be a short presentation in this format that explains what it’s about and what problems it solves. 

#3 Screen designs that are currently being worked on

Before we start with development, we first create screen designs. These help to improve the understanding of a feature and, of course, simplify its operation for the user. If there are screen designs for a feature, these are usually presented together with the concept. 

#4 Roadmap updates 

When a new item is added to the public roadmap, we will briefly introduce it here. We will also transparently communicate changes to the timeline. 

#5 Changes to the release strategy

Should there be any fundamental changes to our release strategy, we will also inform you of them in a transparent manner in this format. We do, of course, have other channels such as our newsletter through which we share important information. 

#6 Announcement of new versions

New bugfix versions and minor versions are of course also regularly in the starting blocks. Our core products and all extensions we offer are regularly updated. Here you will also receive information on which versions are planned.

Feedback wanted

Of course, we will not only be talking about our core product “Shopware 6”, but all forms of the product. This includes extensions for the different versions (Professional and Enterprise), the additional plugins we offer (e.g. PayPal), and our latest product “Shopware Cloud”.  This format gives you unfiltered insights into our development process and the same level of information that our employees receive. But as you can probably imagine, this format is not only about informing our community, but also about getting early feedback. So please feel free to contact us if there are any topics you want us to cover, or topics you can give us input on! 

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Watch the Global Product Video for May 2021!

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