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Harnessing the turnover potential of the holiday season

Harnessing the turnover potential of the holiday season

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Stationary retail is already well-prepared for holiday business and has, since the end of August, had holiday cookies and chocolates already stocked on their shelves. Now that the leaves are starting to turn, you know the most important retail opportunity for you as a shop owner is fast approaching.

In a recent blog article, our partner Nosto illuminated that Black Friday and Cyber Monday grossed a total 5.8 billion USD in 2015, making them the most profitable sales events of all time.

However, in contrast to stationary retail, the majority of holiday gifts purchased online are ordered 14 days prior to Christmas. In order not to miss out on the most lucrative retail opportunity of the year, now is the time to begin preparations.

Our pre-Christmas gift for you

We’ve rounded up some of the most important plugins for creating outstanding holiday campaigns in your online shop. So without further ado – starting now and going until 18th October 2016 – you can get these must-have marketing features and save big bucks before you start raking in the profits from your campaigns.


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Advanced Promotion Suite for holiday campaigns, gifts and more

With the Advanced Promotion Suite, you can create attractive deals and watch the average shopping cart value raise. Individually design your holiday campaigns to meet your business concept.

  • 3 for 2 campaign: let your customers get three items for the rice of two, where the cheapest product is offered for free.
    Daily holiday special: Create limited-time discounts for select products.
  • Free item: Do you have any products that are taking up space in your warehouse? Put them to good use by offering them to your customers as gifts when they reach a certain shopping cart value. You benefit across the line: more purchases, higher customer satisfaction and more storage space!
  • Premium customers: Show your appreciation for select customer groups by awarding them with an extra holiday gift – in such cases, loyalty typically goes in both directions.

Campaigns can be easily planned in advance and played out at defined periods, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition and concentrate on your order processing.

Live Shopping for lighting deals with an exclusive character

The winning combination of limited-time and customer interaction is known to encourage impulse shopping. Make your shop instantaneously more attractive with Live Shopping.

  • Black Friday: Design a Black Friday landing page with flash deals and let the prices increase minute-by-minute.
  • Holiday price: Limit the period of time the offers from a specific product range have reduced prices.
  • Advent special: Create a live display of which products will be offered for a discount with an advent calendar.

With the Premium Plugin, Live Shopping, you have the tools animate your customers with impulse to purchase and effectively increase your conversion rate.

Intelligent Newsletter for more relevance

Newsletters are and remain one of the most widely used marketing tools in online business. Inform your customers in advance of an upcoming campaigns and increase traffic to your online store.

  • Personalized recommendations: Analyse the purchasing behaviour of your customers and send out product recommendations that are tailored to their interests.
  • Holiday vouchers: Allot individual coupon or voucher codes which are valid for a limited time or can only be redeemed for a specific product group.
  • Reminders: Send your customers a short reminder right before your holiday campaign is about to launch in order to refresh their memory.

The more tailored your advertising is to your customers individual shopping patterns, the more likely they are to return to your shop to make a purchase.

Professional Edition for emotional customer loyalty

With the Shopware Professional Edition, you benefit from extensive features that effectively increase your customer satisfaction. Grab your customers on an emotional place and empathetically direct them through your discount campaigns. The integrated Advanced Features, Storytelling and Digital Publishing, make it possible for you to easily create dynamic landing pages. The Shopware ERP is the idea basis for creating impeccable order execution.

  • Landing page: Build you own landing page for your holiday campaign. Some visitors might only want to be inspired for solid gift ideas. Thanks to Quickview and Sideview elements, you can easily let them browse through selected product lines. The Digital Publishing tool is essential when it comes to making a creatively designed landing page. Place text and call-to-action buttons on your banners and check them in a live preview within the module itself. Be sure to check how the banners behave on difference devices in order to optimize display on different devices!
  • Storytelling: It’s should be no surprise that some customers get frustrated by holiday campaigns – to help your shop stand out from the rest, grab your customers on an emotional level, tell an empathetic story about your products and frame them with a contextual backdrop.
  • ERP: Give your customers the promise of functional customer service. With the Shopware ERP you pave the way for a seamless return management process; an absolute must-face during the craziness of the holiday bustle.

Important dates to mark in your intercultural holiday calendar:

  • 31 October – Halloween
  • 24 November – Thanksgiving
  • 25 November – Black Friday
  • 28 November – Cyber Monday
  • 1 December – Start of the advent calendar
  • 24 December – Christmas Eve / Start of Hanukkah
  • 25 December – Christmas day
  • 26 December – Start of Kwanzaa
  • 31 December – New Year’s Eve
  • 1 January – End of Hanukkah / End of Kwanzaa

Proving added value

In order to effectively seal the deal with potential purchases, it’s always wise to provide added value for visitors to your online shop. Here we’re compiled a checklist of tips so that you can take the lead from the competition.

  • Packaging service: Offer your customers complimentary gift wrapping so that their gifts are ready to give upon arrival.
  • Guaranteed delivery time: Firmly state the delivery date so that your customer’s gifts arrive on time. Clarify with your parcel service, but please note: some service providers do not deliver to end customers during the weekend.
  • Free express delivery: You could consider offering free express delivery for products with high margins.
  • Gift cards: sell gift cards in your online shop in your shop in varying amounts. Popular amounts depend entirely on the sector, but are commonly offered as 20€, 50€, 100€, 150€ and so on.
  • Customer consultation: Give you customers tips for gift ideas and advise them with an interactive questionnaire; a useful strategy made possible with tools like Shopping Advisor.

Shopware already provides you with the basic requirements for building a successful online shop - these bundled plugins help give you that extra advantage amongst your competition and keep you customers returning for more. Grab hold of one of these bundles now and successfully prepare for the holiday season!

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