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Marketing tools for an outstanding holiday season

Marketing tools for an outstanding holiday season

Without a doubt, the holidays are an impending hurricane of stress. Fortunately, we can predict the storm every year. Also fortunate is that life has a way of finding balances – yin follows yang; good follows bad; increased turnover in your online shop follows the madness of the holiday season.

In the coming weeks the online world will be buzzing with countless holiday offers. Every online shop will be pulling out the stops to attract more customers. That’s where your friends at Shopware sweep in with tools to help you gain the competitive edge. We developed a line of Premium Plugins because we want to see your online sales increase. These can be rented or purchased directly through our Community Store. Of course, you can also test these without any obligation for 30-days, free of charge.

Christmas packages done different

As an online shop owner, you have the power to nip last minute shopping in the bud. Use your store as a platform for guiding customers in a positive gift-giving direction. This can be achieved by offering bundled item assortments. Just create unbeatable packages of items – your creativity knows no bounds. Even shelf warmers can turn into best sellers when coupled with complimentary products. Not only do bundled offers make life easier for your customers, but they increase your sales. Your customers will feel grateful for the discount and value added to their purchase. Bundles are a holiday miracle.



Discover the wonder of Bundles

The price is right

While price is certainly one of the most motivational factors for making a purchase, the experience itself cannot be overlooked. Consumers are hungry for a nice dopamine rush; a hearty kick of adrenaline that comes with making a purchase. You can peddle this impulse – take advantage of every shopping minute in your store and lure customers into making time-sensitive purchases. Using the Live Shopping plugin, items in your shop can be framed with a countdown that adjusts the price as time passes. Not only does this make holiday shopping more playful and memorable, but Live Shopping helps your customers commit to their purchase. Confident and happy customers are the best kind of customers.



Learn more about Live Shopping


The digital wish list

As a beady-eyed child, did you compose whimsical sonnets for your buddy in the North Pole? Perhaps you remember the magic of unwrapping your greatest wish, amazed that your desires were actually acknowledged. Or perhaps your memories are clouded by the anger of receiving absolutely nothing on your list.

Since Santa isn’t concerned with the digital world, you can step in and create holiday cheer using wish lists in your online shop. This is perfect for customers who do not want to run the risk of giving or receiving impersonal gifts. Customers can share their wish lists over social media or email. Your customers will remember this convenient service, making them more likely return for more shopping in the future.



More about wish lists


You can find even more plugins to help increase your holiday turnover, directly in our Community Store.

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More tips for holiday success:

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