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Part 3: follow Amplid und Pally‘Hi as they upgrade to Shopware 5.2


Peter, the relaunch of pallyhi.com with Shopware 5.2 is getting closer – when is the big day expected?

I don't want to give any specific date because that only adds additional stress and time pressure. But let's say the third week of August. A week later is no big deal either. The interface to Wawi needs to prove it's up to the task in a live setting.

What's left on your to do list before the relaunch?

Technically mundane, but important commercial steps always need to be dealt with at the end: Customer data and old orders need to be moved because we need them for CRM and evaluations. Blogs need to be copied over as well. And we have several thousand of them. We've already thought that it would be simpler to keep a TUMBLR blog with a navigation link. Then there are no problems with the move. But we link blog posts with products. So it's a two-directional thing: If a blog post refers to a snowboard that was on Mount Everest, the visitor can see the product at the end of the post. And vice-versa: If a blog refers to an award like "Magazine X awards this product Ski of the Year", then we have the post on the product page. And it's just one mouse click with Shopware and Shopware's own blog.

How long will pallyhi.com be offline?

No more than an hour. Visitors might still go to the old page for another hour or so because of old cached versions, but it's generally a quick turnaround.

Have you notified your customers about the relaunch?

Yes, particularly because we're completely sold out. In fact, Pally'Hi has only got sizes S and XL left. The relaunch will coincide with the delivery of the new collection. 


What do your processes look like during and immediately after the relaunch? What things do you need to take into account?

Test purchase, test purchase, test purchase! Does the payment module work, are the right shipping costs set up, or does a customer in Australia get a pair of socks delivered free of charge to Sydney? There are so many settings that can go wrong if you're tired. Human error caused by fatigue. And we mustn't forget the beer once everything's up and running.

Are you planning any special marketing campaign for the relaunch?

No, we're not. Amplid and Pally'Hi are well performing brick and mortar trademarks. We have a good relationship with our traders and we don't want to run any discount campaigns affecting their margins. This would put us in competition with them and we don't want that.

Thanks very much, Peter, for talking to us before your big relaunch. We wish you and your team a successful relaunch, a few celebratory drinks afterwards and we're keen to know how things go.

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