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Shopware 6 Early Access: All about the new platform

Shopware 6 Early Access: All about the new platform

E-commerce solutions based on frameworks are attracting increasing attention from the e-commerce sector, and for a good reason. Framework-based solutions promise a high level of individualisation and many options for modification as well as flexibility when it comes to linking to different IT systems. 

With Shopware 6, we are introducing a completely new e-commerce solution that gives online shop owners more flexibility and simpler business processes at the same time. Our three-part blog series will give you an overview of the new features and diverse options offered in Shopware 6. Let’s start with the foundation of Shopware 6: the Shopware platform.


The new Shopware platform comprises three parts: the Shopware core, the Shopware admin and the Shopware storefront. The first part of this series concentrates mostly on the new core.

The core is the centre of the platform and encompasses all of the e-commerce-specific workflows and resources. We have created an extremely flexible and compact core that can stand up to any technical challenges that might come up in the future. You can find detailed insight on the Shopware 6 core architecture in these articles:

Insight into the Shopware 6 core architecture

Shopware Community Day video: Jan Bücker and Jonas Elfering offer insight into the new core

The frameworks behind Shopware 6

Shopware 6 has a newly developed technological foundation that makes a perfect basis for the highly dynamic business processes of tomorrow. The series of changes we made were arrived at by questioning the status quo of its predecessor version, Shopware 5, and the e-commerce sector.

Shopware 6 uses:

  • Symfony as its standard framework
  • Vue.js as its admin basis
  • Bootstrap as its CSS framework for the new standard storefront

Our decision to choose widely used technologies is based on several different realisations. Aligning with technological standards makes working with Shopware easier and will demand less expertise – which significantly shortens the onboarding phase. Getting started with the Shopware world is less complicated, and modifications can be done modularly with good maintainability.



Our Product Manager Daniel Nögel has written a blog article for the technical keynote at this year’s Shopware Community Day, which offers a more in-depth look at the technology of Shopware 6. Find out more.

The new administration: The heart of your shop

The administration of the shop was also reconfigured from the bottom up: from a well thought-out user navigation all the way to a completely new technology behind the administration. The focus was not only on performance, adaptability and the capacity to expand but also on clarity, a well-designed user navigation and consistent design. During development of the new administration concept, it was crucial to sidestep unnecessary complexity. 

  • Developed jointly with merchants
  • Quick onboarding thanks to consistent and sleek UX
  • Based on Vue.js
  • Easily expandable thanks to Twig templates


The newly developed administration in Shopware 6 clearly reveals how we have reduced complexity without reducing options. The tidier user interface was redesigned in collaboration with shop operators and partners and creates an integrated product experience without obstacles or complicated training time.

The processes and workflows are coordinated with one another and can be automated. The standardised icons and well thought-out colour coding system allows you to find your way around the administration intuitively, whilst ensuring that the admin is actually fun to work in. The time and effort that merchants need to spend managing their shops is drastically reduced. 

Our video gives an overview of the new functions and shows highlights of the new administration.

Admin API

In addition to the sync and sales channel API, there is also the admin API. What is the purpose of this API? Its primary purpose is to help you manage your shop. The admin API is rigorously used by the new administration, which is based on Vue.js. All settings and administration functions can be ‘addressed’ through the admin API and used anyway you want. That makes it possible to create user-defined interfaces for administrative tasks, such as a view for open orders that still need to be sent. The admin API opens up a lot of new possibilities for any shop operator to keep their business lean and flexible.


Expandability and plugin manager

Shopware 6 is a lean and extremely flexible product that can be easily and quickly expanded and modified to fit any business requirements. When it comes to expandability, we focused heavily on Symfony in order to make the modification options and plugin development as easy as possible for external developers and agencies.  

The completely new concept for the plugin manager also makes day-to-day work for Shopware end users significantly simpler. The plugin manager in the admin is the central administration point and helps you to keep track of all plugins and themes. The module also allows you to install, buy, update or delete any extensions.



There are already over 600 plugin successors registered in the Shopware Community Store. That goes to show that the Shopware Community offers you a strong ecosystem which lays the foundation for sustainable success. 

Bottom line

With Shopware 6 and the platform approach we took, we created a technical base designed to handle all future developments in the e-commerce industry. The compact and powerful core is highly flexible and can be used for any imaginable business model – whether a start-up or an enterprise segment. 


Download new Shopware 6 Early Access! We are looking forward to your feedback.

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