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Shopware 6 Early Access: What Shop Owners Can Expect

Shopware 6 Early Access: What Shop Owners Can Expect

When designing and developing Shopware 6, we took the feedback from our community and Shopware 5 users to heart. Above all, we wanted Shopware 6 to be easy to learn, intuitive to use, and be able to simplify processes for shop operators. What resulted is a streamlined interface, clean navigation with a minimum of menu items, and optimal performance: all of those things make working with Shopware 6 effortless. In this part of our Shopware 6 series, we take a closer look at some of the improvements that simplify your daily work.

The heart of your online shop: the administration

Straight-forward and efficient, the new administration features pared-down menu items and modules. Each module has its own colour and icon throughout the entire administration. For example, all sub-menu items of the "Catalogue" module are highlighted in green. The colour-coding system helps users quickly orient themselves in the administration.

 Shopware 6 Administration

Other simplifications include keyboard shortcuts; now common commands and pages can be selected with keyboard shortcuts. In the long run, these save an enormous amount of time and make working in the administration smoother. An overview of the shortcuts can be found in the menu under the user data.

Global search is one of the most important elements for every shop owner and is integrated centrally in the top bar of the new administration. All contents in the administration can be searched and shown in a matter of seconds. The search results can be either displayed in the corresponding module, or, it is possible to navigate directly to the individual results. That makes the time-consuming and tiresome clicking around the administration a thing of the past. By the way, there’s also a shortcut now for the search function. The colour-coding system is also present in the search function and supports user orientation.

Product management made easy: properties and variants

Managing product variants was never so easy. Possible product properties, such as size, weight or colour, can be centrally updated and managed. These properties can then be applied at the product level and used to generate multiple optional variants. If a parent item is assigned various properties, all or only a part of these properties can be used. The properties and variants add information to the products in your shop which can be used for filtering.

 Shopware 6 product variants

All variants can be customised in the administration. In the first step, relevant fields such as name, price or product images, are inherited from the main product. However, the inheritance for every individual field can be cancelled allowing each variant to be modified separately.

  • Variants are dynamically generated.
  • Variants can be issued separately depending on the sales channel.
  • Inheritance can be individually cancelled and edited.

Innovative media management

Shop owners work with a huge amount of data every day: product photos, videos, data specifications and PDFs. In Shopware 6, there is a designated place to centrally manage media of all kinds, which simplifies your daily activities. The module is easy to understand and ensures high performance and speed even when there is a large amount of media. 

EShopware 6 Media management

In addition to the clear design, the media management offers a number of other features that make working in the online shop easier:

  • You can have your media automatically sorted into the right categories.
  • You can insert an unlimited number of freely selectable keywords to organise them.
  • It has the most extensive number of sorting, filtering and search options we have ever offered.
  • The administration always shows you whether and where your media is being used at the moment.

Internationalisation: boundless opportunities with Shopware 6

Expanding your business and entering new markets is an important driver for growth - that comes with added complexity. In developing Shopware 6, we clearly focussed on Shopware’s international usability. Retailers should have as few obstacles as possible when internationalising their business. Internationalisation is not only about translating your shop, there are many other aspects. With Shopware 6, we address these aspects and provide the necessary flexibility and security to effectively cross borders:

  • Prepared for diverse legal circumstances 
  • Capability for multiple currencies
  • Capability for multiple languages
  • Rule-based prices and checkout configurations per market
  • Country-specific sales channels can be defined
  • Configurable tax calculation allows easy international scalability

Rule Builder: design your online business

Unlimited freedom guaranteed: we make it possible for shop owners to freely design their business models without any programming effort using our Rule Builder. Using this valuable tool, you can easily create flexible rules to customise prices, shipping costs and content. 

Shopware 6 Rule Builder

Rules are intuitively designed by setting conditions and links. The Rule Builder is a central component that can be used in situations that require a high degree of flexibility. Once the rule saved, it can be used globally throughout the shop. Together, Shopware 6 and the Rule Builder create the perfect basis for meeting the requirements of internationalisation and new business models.


Nex to the numerous technical improvements, which we reported on in our first part of this series, Shopware 6 has also been completely redesigned and implemented from the bottom up in terms of usability and user friendliness. Shopware 6 is faster, more concise, more intuitive and it supports shop owners in their everyday work with well thought-out functions. In the next blog article in this series, we will be looking at the storefront and aspects of Shopware 6 that are relevant for the customer journey.


Download new Shopware 6 Early Access! We are looking forward to your feedback.

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